Delmar Events
Thursday, January 10, 2002
Bi-Staters' Coffee Talk

Sharon Cordrey,


The town of Delmar is pleased to announce that the following Delmar, Md., and Delmar, Del., properties were chosen by the mayors of Delmar in this year’s Best Holiday Decorations contest. In Delmar, Del., the winners of the $25 prize are Charles and Carol Porter of 402 Lincoln Avenue. In Delmar, Md., the winner of the $25 prize is Melissa Baker of 600 E. State Street. Honorable mentions go to William Dryden of 401 Lincoln Ave., Kevin and Jane White of 809 E. Grove St. and to the owners of the house at 805 Chestnut St. Mayor John McDonnell and Mayor Doug Niblett thank everyone who decorated for the holidays. They agree that it was nice to see so many people involved in the Christmas spirit.

Congratulations to Wendy L. Brady on being accepted as a member in the Master Municipal Clerk Academy of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. There are only seven other municipal clerks in the state of Maryland who have received this award. Wendy is a hard working member of the staff at the Delmar Town Hall. Congratulations, Wendy. Melba Hastings has just returned from a two-week vacation in Germany. She traveled with her son Jim and his wife Elaine from Texas to see their daughter, Heather. Heather’s husband is stationed in Germany. They toured a lot of places while visiting there, but the highlight of her trip was seeing her great-granddaughter who is 2 years old.

Condolences go to the family and friends of George Leong.

Deepest sympathy to Pastor Don Murray of St. Paul’s Church of Laurel in the passing of his father, Russell Murray.

Our sympathy to Bill Cordrey, whose wife, Addie Cordrey, passed away last week.

Get well wishes to Kathleen Campbell, who has been feeling under the weather lately.

Happy seventh anniversary to Monica and Scott Shubert. I wish you many more happy years.

Happy birthday to the following people who have birthdays in January: Eleanor Carmine, Jan. 3; Tina Niblett, Jan. 8; Delores Jones, Jan. 11; Cameron Cordrey , Jan. 12; Nellie Oster, Jan. 16.

Mike and I, along with other friends, enjoyed an after-Christmas dinner at the home of Frank and Carolyn Calio. Carolyn served a great Italian meal — it was delicious.

The Delmarva Model Railroad Club will have an open house on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 12 and 13 and Jan. 19 and 20. The train display is open on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. Visit them on State Street at Camelot Hall (next to St. Stephen’s Church). Everyone is welcome.

The year 2001 flew by. I wonder where the time went. I think back to when I was growing up and telling my mother I couldn’t wait until I was 16 to get my license and start dating. She would tell me not to wish my life away, because it will go fast enough anyway. I just couldn’t see her reasoning then, but I do now. Life does past us by fast. All of us, especially me, should take the time to spend more time enjoying life, instead of worrying about work, cleaning house, etc.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Thought for the week: “The best things in life are free; and they are also priceless” — Jean Williams Brown

Students’ picture on display at the library
Pictures of the winners of the November incentive reading program at Delmar Elementary School are on display at the Delmar Public Library. The school treated the students to lunch and a ride to the library where they received new books from the library. The students are: pre-kindergarten, Shawn Elliott; kindergarten, Michael Carney; first grade, Daijah Brown; second grade, Brady Layfield; third grade, Jessica Stewart, fourth grade, Michael M.; fifth grade, Jerone Medico.

The library will host a presentation
The library will host a presentation from the Delaware Health and Social Services Monday, Jan. 14, 7 p.m. The topic will be a Delaware Medicare fraud alert. Before and after the presentation there will be a volunteer available to assist anyone with a question about Medicare summary notices. Those with questions should have a copy of the notice with them.

A Cat’s Meow replica of the Delmar Public Library
A Cat’s Meow replica of the Delmar Public Library is available, due to the efforts of the “Friends of the Delmar Library.” This collectible can be bought from any friend or at the Delmar library for $18. Small tote bags are also available for $6. Both fund-raisers are sponsored by the Friends group.