SNACK TIME - A Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) takes advantage of the warm afternoon sun on Monday to scout out a late-afternoon snack in a pond on the grounds of the Seaford Golf & Country Club. The heron, the largest and most numerous of North American herons, has become a "resident" of the area feeding on small fish in the numerous ponds. Once a heron establishes a "home" it tends to stay around - even in the winter. Winter weather is expected to return to the area this weekend with lows in the teens on Saturday and Sunday.

Photo by Ronald MacArthur

Woodland residents want smaller ferry

STATE RULING - Fishermen get a change in a policy at a local marina (above) and can now drop a line in the water. Page 3

THE TOP 10 - City of Seaford officials block out a day for planning and come out with their priorities for the year. Page 4

SPORTS SHOW - The Laurel Alumni Association is having its annual sports card and memorabilia show this Saturday at Laurel High School. Two local sports legends will be in attendance. Pages 6, 13, 33

PLANS COMPLETE - Plans are complete for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration set for Jan. 17 at the Seaford Golf & Country Club and the Western Sussex Boys & Girls Club. Page 9

MOTORCYCLE MINISTER - A local minister finds comfort in the pulpit and peace while riding his Harley. Page 37

HOOP TIME - High school basketball season is entering its mid-season phase. The Seaford girls’ team is on top of the Southern Division. Find out where local teams stand in this week’s sports section.

WRESTLING WINS - The Seaford wrestling team is off to a flying start with a tournament title and a pair of conference wins. Page 24