Bridgeville Events
Thursday, January 17, 2002

Greenwood awards project to Shea Concrete
By Mike McClure
The Greenwood Town Council voted to award its sidewalk project to Shea Concrete of Milford during its meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 8. The council also approved a resolution to allow county administrator Robert Stickels to submit a Community Building and Development Grant (CDBG) request on behalf of the town for its drain line project. The town opened bids for its sidewalk project on Tuesday after re-bidding the project. Shea Concrete was the low bidder with a bid of $91,721. The town re-bid the project after receiving just two bids, including a low bid of $110,000. Shea’s bid would still put the project over budget, but according to town engineer Chuck Hauser the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) allows projects to come within 15 percent of the budgeted amount. The council voted to award the project to Shea contingent upon DelDOT’s approval. The council also approved a resolution relating to the submission of an application for CDBG funds for the town’s sewer line project. The request, which is being submitted to the Delaware State Housing Authority on behalf of the town, includes a grant request of $122,600. The town would also use $31,000 in matching state street aid funds to put in new drain lines. The project includes installation of storm drains on Queen Avenue (from Market Street to Governor’s Avenue) as well as work under an alley behind Market Street. The town held a public meeting on Saturday, Jan. 12, to discuss its proposed water project. Town officials said the purpose of the meeting was to inform the public that the town plans to borrow money for the project, pending approval by residents in a town referendum. The council was informed that the state did not award grants for the project during its meeting last October. The council decided to move forward with the $932,000 project without the addition of water meters, which would have required an increase in user fees from $100 per year to $400 per year.

Bridgeville moves toward adopting plan
By Mike McClure
The Bridgeville Planning Commission held a public meeting Wednesday, Jan. 9 to present the town’s comprehensive plan. The plan will be sent to the town commission for a public hearing and adoption following the planning commission’s approval of the plan Wednesday night. During the planning commission’s public hearing, members of the public asked for some corrections to be made to the zoning map, but there was no opposition to the plan itself. The planning commission accepted the plan with the corrections that were pointed out at the meeting (and in a letter from the state). Planning commission chairman Howard Hardesty, town commission president Joe Conaway and David Edgell of the University of Delaware met with state officials in December to answer questions about the town’s comprehensive plan. The town received a letter from the state on Dec. 27. Conaway and Edgell told the planning commission that they believed the letter constituted state approval of the plan. The letter included comments and concerns from various state departments. One of the concerns the planning commission expressed about its meeting with the state was that DelDOT’s realignment project (at the intersection of Routes 404 and 13 in Bridgeville) is not in the state plan yet. The town was able to get a state grant to develop a bicycle and sidewalk plan out of its meeting with the state.

In addition to the adoption of the comprehensive plan (by the town commission), Conaway said the town also needed to update its zoning ordinance. The zoning ordinance hasn’t been changed since the 1960s. The town commission had the first reading of the comprehensive plan ordinance during its meeting on Monday, Jan. 14. The town commission is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the plan on Thursday, Jan. 24. The commission’s second reading of the plan will take place on Monday, Feb. 11, and the commission may adopt it then. Once the town passes the comprehensive plan it can address annexation requests by the Woodbridge School District and Kenny Inc. The district is requesting annexation of the site where the new middle school will be built (the Early Childhood Education Center). Kenny Inc. plans to build a pickle washing plant and is also requesting annexation into the town. The plant will wash, grade and hydrocool cucumbers before sending them to pickle processors. Although the planning commission has approved the comprehensive plan, the commission will continue to exist until the town commission decides whether it wants to establish a planning and zoning commission. Genealogy discussion group
Bridgeville Public Library has an on-going genealogy discussion group to aid people doing family research. The next meeting will be Jan. 22, at 7 p.m. Contact Alice Min at 337-7401.