Greenwood Events
Thursday, January 30, 2003

Marksmanship training at Woodbridge High
In September 2002, Woodbridge High School started a Marksmanship Air Rifle training curriculium that is part of the Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Program. The sport of target shooting has been around for a long time. On the international level, the first match was at the 1896 Olympics. Our competition air rifle team consists of four shooters, who shoot in three different positions (prone, standing, kneeling) at targets on an indoor range of approximately 33-feet in length. Shooting in three positions separates a marksman from the expert shooter with the center "Bulls-eye" being 1/64 “ in diameter. All matches follow the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Rules and Regulations. The match season runs from October through March and participants travel around Delmarva to compete against other schools. Potential scholarship money is available for those who qualify as well as cadets to earn varsity letters.

Our main objective is to teach weapon safety, weapon handling procedures, and RESPONSIBILITY. All cadets must pass a written safety test and a weapon handling operating exam prior to learning the fundamentals of marksmanship. It takes self-discipline to learn how to become a superior marksman. It takes time, practice, and more practice to achieve the required “mental discipline” for competitive shooting. Our current record is 2 wins, 7 losses, however, it should be noted that all of our cadets are first year shooters. Our team average has improved from 718 to 848. Our shooters are: Daniel Baer, Bruce Baker, Robert Chambers, Aimée Jefferson, Michael Eastman, Christopher Hastings, Ryan Lloyd, Lyle Neal, Michael Parsons, Kyle Remmler, Philip Schrock, Rebecca Simpkins, Robert Slaughter, Christopher Sweeney, and Victor Vazquez, This year’s Marksmanship Coach is GySgt Michael Janiszewski, USMC (Ret).