Delmar Events
Thursday, February 1st, 2001
Delmar Sports Scene

By Tommy Young

There was a little bit of everything last week in Delmar athletic circles. There were wins, losses, some surprises, and unfortunately some sadness. Despite the fact that all of the Wildcats opposition came from Division I schools, they managed to win three of the six contest. First, the boys' basketball team defeated the Caesar Rodney five by eight points Tuesday night in somewhat of an upset, and when the State ranking came out, the "Cats" were sitting in seventh place, the first time they have reached the State top ten in years. However, Friday night they suffered their worst defeat of the season when Dover outscored them 86-66. The Senators hit the highest percentage of their shots of all of Delmar's opponents this season. It will be interesting to see if this affects their State standing when the standings come out this week. The girls reversed the procedure as they were defeated by Caesar Rodney, who is undefeated in conference play, Tuesday evening, but returned home Friday to win over Dover 40-22, their largest margin of victory all year. The Lady Wildcats jumped out to a large half time lead and never looked back allowing Coach McGinnis a change to use his entire squad. Their chances of making the playoffs seem to get better ever week. Now for the biggest surprise of the week, after dropping their Tuesday evening match to CR, who is undefeated and leading the Division I conference, the DHS wrestlers bounced back Friday night to defeat Dover 42-39. I am sorry I missed this match as I am just getting over a cold and did not want to be coughing on everyone; however, I did go out to school on Saturday and one of the wrestling Moorefield brothers, Chris, filled me in on some of the results. The winners for the Wildcats were Chris Moorefield, 105; Zack Thompson, 114; Mike Austin, 121; Bill Zello, 127; Drew Moorefield, 142; Lawrence Sinagra, 160; and Brad Vanderwende, 191.

Evidently the boys who were on the scratch sheet got their acts together because all of them but one wrestled Friday night. This has to be one of the biggest wrestling upsets of the season. Nice going, fellows. Now for the sad news, Keith Abbott, one of Delmar's most faithful sports fans had a heart attack while attending the Delmar-CR basketball game Tuesday; however, through the alert action by the Delmar Police on duty at the school and fast and outstanding attention given him by the Delmar Fire Company ambulance crew, they got him down to PRMC in time to stabilize his condition. As of this writing, he is recovering very nicely, and, hopefully, he will be able to return home this week. Keith and Shirley have been fixtures at most of Delmar's sporting events for a long time; in fact, the entire Abbott family has been or is presently involved with Delmar teams in one way or another for a long time. So, Keith, get a little rest because it won't be long before baseballs and softballs will be flying, and I know you don't want to miss any of that.
ASSISTS AND ERRORS I received a call from Alvin Culver, who has been heading up "Delmar Days in Florida" ever since it came into existence a dozen years ago, telling me that the date for this year's festivities has been changed due to a conflict with a golf tournament that is being held at the Sun N' Lake County Club in Sebring the first week in March. "Delmar Days" will be held February 28 at 12 p.m. as usual at the same location. Alvin usually sends out RSVP cards to folks he has an address for, but if you do not receive one, please call him at 1-863-471-0875 for a reservation as he does have to have a head count. For those who do not know about this event, it is not for Delmar citizens alone. Anyone from the surrounding towns are invited, and many of these "outsiders" show up to see old friends from the local area. This is why we have had as many as 100 folks, but I must warn you that you will receive abuse from Alvin. He might even try to sell you some of his prized "stocks." After this event, if you are not interested in spring training baseball games, the Strawberry Festival, a few miles up the road, is in full swing which features most of the top county entertainers in the U.S. You know the artists that sing songs that have more than eight words in the entire song and you can even understand the words or comedians that don't have to use vulgar language to get a laugh. This festival runs from March 1 to March 11. What's this got to do with Delmar sports? Plenty, because most of this crowd is made up of "Old Sports" most of whom have been there and done that and are happy to still be around.