Bridgeville Events
Thursday, Febuary 7, 2002

Woodbridge’s Faulkner works hard to achieve personal goals

By Michael Sullivan

Woodbridge High senior James Faulkner is a born leader. That’s the opinion of Head Wrestling Coach Tyrone Gray, who said that he believes Faulkner is capable of achieving any goal he sets out to. That’s one reason he was chosen by Gray to be a team captian. In his third year wrestling at the varsity level, Faulkner has one goal in particular he wants to realize - becoming a state champion.

“It’s not an easy goal, but I know that it’s attainable if I work very hard, and wrestle to the best of my ability,” Faulkner said. Before he can become a state champion, Faulkner knows he has to win at the conference level first. He also realizes that the competition will be very tough from here on. Another goal he really wants to see come to pass is for his team to win a dual-meet before he graduates. “We’ve never won a dual-meet since I’ve been wrestling here, and I just want to see us win one before I’m gone,” he explained. Falkner is hoping that this Friday’s meet with Indian River will be Woodbridge’s chance to do just that as the Indians are in the same boat as the Raiders, and will be forfeiting about seven weight classes.” Faulkner is all about being a team player, and believes that his success will help inspire some of his teammates to work just a little harder. “I think it’s important that I help out some of the younger guys on the team,” he said. “It might feel good when I win a match, but it would feel a whole lot better if the rest of the team was winning too. I also try to be a positive role model for them. I tell them that I’ll work with them and help them out as long as I see them putting fourth a serious effort at practice, and not goofing off. I don’t mind helping out someone who wants to help themselves.” Coach Gray said that he’s been very impressed with the 171-pounder since accepting the head coaching position two years ago.“There’s so many good things to say about James, I could probably fill a couple of pages,” the coach said. “He just has this kind of leadership quality that you don’t see very often, and I said to my assistant coach: this guy has to be one of our team captians. Faulkner is sort of uncertain about what he wants to do when he graduates. “I enjoy video production and I’m involved with the Woodbridge High television program - News from the Bridge,” he said. “I also like photography, and might possibly pursue a career in that field.” Whatever road James decides to follow, one thing is certain: the methods of setting and achieveing goals he has developed for himself should serve him very well.