QUICK ACTION BY VOLUNTEERS - Members of the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department are shown in action during a fire on King Street in Seaford on Friday. In this photo, two volunteers position the 100-foot aerial platform above a duplex apartment. See a story on page 10.

Photo by Ronald MacArthur

Veteran volunteer firemen are given tributes at banquet

DEADLINES NEAR - One town cancels its election while two others have a deadline approaching for registration. Pages 3 and 5

ON THE TOWER - A company wants to use the Bridgeville water tower. Town officials want to study the proposal. Page 5

THE PLUNGE - More than 2,000 crazy people calling themselves Polar Bears take a quick plunge in the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday. Page 6

LEGEND PASSES - Just shy of his 95th birthday, Laurel's Gov. Elbert Carvel passes away. Pages 20 and 21

STEPPING DOWN - Two local principals with long careers in education are retiring this year. Page 22

VALENTINE'S DAY - There is still time to take part in the Morning Star Valentine's Day contest. Pages 23-25

HOOP ACTION - It's coming down to crunch time in Henlopen Conference basketball. Page 36

THE CHAMPS - The Seaford High School boys' swim team wins the first Henlopen Conference championship. Page 38

2005 WEDDING PLANNER - Everything you need to plan that special day. Special supplement included inside this edition.