Lt. Col. John C. Ross sends photographs similar to this of his mission in Iraq back to his family in Georgetown and Maryland via e-mail. The photos offer a glimpse of the work going on to rebuild the country.

The untold story of Iraq unfolds for local family.

POULTRY PROBLEMS - Avian flu in Sussex County? Where was it found and what does it mean to the important poultry industry? Page 2

DRUG BUST - Police say they have made a major dent in drug trafficking in the area. Page 2

POSSIBLE REFERENDUM - Find out why the Seaford School District wants to spend more than $11 million. Page 4

GET A TWIG - You can help the Blue Jays with their nest. Seaford school officials are off to a good start with a new district educational foundation. Page 5

SWIM CHAMPS - The Seaford High boysí swim team wins the Kent-Sussex meet with a strong team effort. Page 27

HOT TOPIC - The issue of same-sex marriages has raised some serious concerns. See pages 17 and 46.

PROJECT PLANS - Itís almost time to break ground. Bridgeville officials view the final plans of the new housing/golf project. Page 20

SVFD HONORS - The men and women of the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department gather on Saturday to honor their own. Pages 44, 45

FIRE CONCERN - You might be surprised to learn that 218 children were enrolled in the Juvenile Intervention Program because they were caught playing with fire. See editorial on page 46

LITTLE ONES - Itís not the size of the body, but the size of the heart that matters with these little athletes. Page 29

BIRDSí WORDS - Writers fill pages on school issues at Seaford High School. Page 31