WINTER WEATHER WILL NOT LEAVE THE AREA - Snowfall hit the western Sussex area twice over the past week causing school and business closings last Thursday and Friday. Another round of snow hit the area on Monday and Tuesday. In the photos, the historic Gov. Ross Mansion in Seaford is a perfect setting for a winter photograph, right, and the pile of snow on the post at Craig’s Pond near Seaford shows that about three inches fell. Below, the sign at the Seaford Middle School expresses the sentiments of school officials. Students and teachers have two days to make up so far.

Photos by Ronald MacArthur

Seaford referendum aim is to expand, fix schools

EPA AWARD - The Seaford wastewater treatment plant is being honored by the Environmental Protection Agency as one of the top plants in the region. Page 4

ELECTION UPCOMING - Three candidates are in the running for two seats on the Seaford Council. The election takes place on March 7. Page 2

SCHOOL BOARD - After 10 years on the Seaford Board of Education, Dave Speicher is not running this time around. Page 9

CANCER CHECKUP - Do you know that the leading cause of death among non-smokers is also one of the most preventable? Page 18

NEW FOOTBALL COACH - Seaford High School has a new head football coach with a very familiar last name. Page 26

FASHION STATEMENT - To tuck or not is the question that administrators and teachers in a local school district are debating as they get ready to impose a uniform dress code in the high school. Page 41

SALE OF BUILDING - The fate of the sale of a building in the Seaford Industrial Park hinges on the hourly wage a company wants to pay. Page 11