Tim Lee,

teacher and soccer coach and Seaford High School, recently became a citizen of the United States. Photo by Lynn R. Parks
Organ donation - Three organ transplant recipients told their stories during a recent session at NMH sponsored by the AAUW. Page 2
Cancer detection - Early detection and treatment of cancer can reduce the severity of the cancer and the risk of death. Page 8
Celebrating service - The Bridgeville Kiwanis Club on Monday will be celebrating its 61st anniversary of service. Page 10
Public reaction - Concern is expressed about the future of Woodbridge School District following the recent failure of two referendums. Page 10
Pets saving lives - Winners in our Pet Contest have some amazing stories to tell about how their pets saved or enhanced their lives. Page 29
Celebrating Ag Week - The challenges facing local farmers and women in farming are highlights of our Ag Week coverage. Pages 15-17
Death investigation - Seaford Police are continuing to piece together the circumstances that led to the death of a detainee. Page 37