ARSON SUSPECTED - Volunteer firefighters apply water to a large blaze that destroyed an old home on Stein Highway last week. The fire marshalís office said that arson is suspected as the cause of the fire that brought out six fire companies and more than 70 volunteers. See the story on page three.

Photos by Joan Harper

Survey says: Six-car is ferry of people's choice

BILLS ARE OUT - A local town mails out amended tax bills under the threat of a lawsuit. Page 2

NEW ZONE - Bridgevilleís commissioners create a new development district in order to levy a special tax. Page 4

TEEN DRIVERS - With an increase in teen traffic accident deaths in the state, legislators are taking action. Pages 5, 42

MINNERíS AGENDA - The editor spends a few hours with the governor and some members of her staff as she outlines her legislative agenda. Page 8

TOP VOLUNTEERS - The Blades Volunteer Fire Company pays tribute to its top members. Page 11

DEEP-SEA ALVIN - Alvin is not a mischievous chipmunk but a famous, complex piece of scientific equipment studied by local students. Page 20

MOVING PLANS - Officials in a local school district are making plans to move the district offices to a new location. Page 21

TIME TO CHANGE - This weekend marks the beginning of daylight-saving time. Time officially changes at 2 a.m. on Sunday, April 3. Donít forget to set your clocks ahead Saturday night.