Rally supports troops, president

By Bryant L. Richardson

The recent death of Seaford’s Ryan Long, who was killed last Thursday in Iraq, became the main focus of attention during Sunday’s rally in Kiwanis Park, Seaford. Officially called a “Rally In Support of our Troops and our President,” Sunday’s afternoon event was chaired by Richard Drummond. “I ask that you join me in a brief moment of silence in respect to a young man from this community who lost his life in the fight in Iraq, Ryan Long, a graduate of Seaford High School in 1999. His family was informed on Friday. He has paid the supreme sacrifice for Freedom,” Drummond said. While the more than 400 people paused in silence, the giant United States Flag that Seaford Volunteer Fire Dept. suspended over Stein Highway flapped in the breeze. Everywhere were banners and flags of red, white and blue. “The purpose of this rally was suggested by the Seaford Veterans Committee as a means to show our troops wherever they are fighting that we fully support them in their efforts to protect our freedom,” Drummond said. “Our hope is that this rally may help us to find a common ground in which we can show our Troops that we are fully behind them. The future of this nation lies in the hands of our youth and they need our support and strength to sustain their ongoing battle.” The Rev. Sam McGarvey of the Atlanta Road Alliance Church, gave the keynote message. “Just as World War II defined a whole generations of Americans, I suspect that we will one day discover that the war, which began on September 11, 2001, will define another generation of Americans,” McGarvey said. “Our President has frequently and deliberately used the word “Evil” to describe those who have been in power in Iraq. Such moral clarity startles us. Many have criticized his use of that word as inflammatory, but he is exactly right. No matter how fervently we wish that evil did not exist in the human heart, it does. And no matter how fervently we would like to redefine evil as nothing more than difference of opinion, or as an alternative equally viable worldview, it refuses to be tamed. “We have all heard the adage that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing. It has become equally apparent that the only thing necessary for evil tyrants to triumph is that good nations do nothing. America is not perfect, but America is good. We cannot stand by while evil prospers.” McGarvey asked for prayers for the president and military advisors, the men and women in uniform and for a quick conclusion to the war. The names of local military men and women serving in Iraq and other parts of the world were called out by Drummond. They included Samuel Adkins, David Baker, Guerlince Bichotte, Angela Blint, John Chama, Raoul Dorce, Teran Foreman, Eric Fox, Josh Griffin, Mark Harrison, Christopher Jefferson, Matthew Knorr, Jason Lee, Walt Messick, Henry Newton IV, David Pollman, Terrance Roach, Andy Robinson, John Robinson, Richard Robinson, Wendy L. Sammons, William Stewart, Michael Stuart, Chris Terry, Michael Triglia, Keith Trivits, Todd Turner, Tricia Tyler, Gary Warfield and William Wennberg. Seaford Mayor Daniel Short, the Rev. Jervis Cooke, a Navy Chaplain during WWII, John Smith of Channel 47, the Rev. Jeanne Kirby and others offered words of appreciation and prayers for our military and the president and especially for Ryan Long and his family. Smith said because of the sacrifice of soldiers such as Ryan Long that maybe his son, who is 13, would be spared having to fight in a war in the future.

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