Charter school is quiet, but private schools are bustling

By Lynn R. Parks

All was quiet Monday morning at the Georgetown Charter School, Laurel. Only one vehicle, a pickup truck, sat in the parking lots. There were no buses, no teachers, no children. But a couple miles away, at Epworth Christian School, things were bustling. By late Monday morning, 61 former Georgetown Charter School children had signed up to attend the private school run by Epworth Fellowship Church. Until this week, the school had an enrollment of about 280. Spokeswoman June Taylor said that the kindergarten students were assimilated into the Epworth classrooms. But 25 children in grades one through three and 32 in grades four through six were in two classrooms of their own, each headed by two former charter school teachers.

The school has placed an emergency order for direct instruction materials — the same materials that were used at the charter school — to use in those classrooms. Students who were already at Epworth will continue with the materials they were using. Volunteers were in the school office to help with registration and placement. A modular classroom is expected to be delivered this week to ease overcrowding in the fourth- through sixth-grade class. “We are trying to do everything we can to help these families,” Taylor said. The Rev. Ron Smith, senior pastor at Epworth Fellowship Church and a visiting pastor on the school’s board, said that in

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