Bridgeville - Greenwood News Briefs
Thursday, May 6, 2004

AARP Annual Dinner Meeting
AARP annual dinner meeting, Bridgeville Fire Hall, Friday, May 7, social time, 5:30 p.m., buffet dinner at 6 p.m. Entertainment by Tom and Donna. Deadline for reservations is April 23. Cost for members and a guest is $15 per person. Make checks payable to Seaford Area Chapter 1084 of AARP, Inc. Sent to hospitality chairperson, Betty Martens, phone 629-9789.

Parental Support Group
Parents Anonymous®, a network of mutual support programs for parents who want to improve relationships with their children, strengthen their families and reduce the stress often associated with parenting, group meetings. River of Life Christian Center on Tuesdays at 11 a.m., 17 West Market St., Greenwood. Sponsored by River of Life Christian Center and Parents Anonymous®. Call 349-9420.

  WHS students construct safety town to teach kids
By Mike McClure

A whole new (little) town popped up out of nowhere last week as Safety Town, which was constructed by Woodbridge High School technical honor society students, was set up at the Woodbridge Elementary School in Greenwood. The mock town, complete with sidewalks, cross walks, stop signs, buildings, and even a circle like the one in Georgetown, was used to teach elementary school students the importance of highway safety. The program was done through the cooperation of the high school’s technical honor society and the University of Delaware’s Cooperative Extension. It’s something the Mike Love of the University of Delaware has always wanted to do. “We’re always about do this or don’t do that, now they get a practical experience,” said Love. The technical honor society students do a community service project each year, and this year they designed Safety Town, complete with roads, sidewalks, buildings, a farm, and the beach over top of a carpet. The students, along with Love, came up with ideas for the project last fall and designed a scale model before constructing the mock town. As if that wasn’t enough, their work didn’t end there. The students also created lesson plans to promote safety and were out and about in Safety Town teaching the kids last Friday. “These kids have done a nice job of designing this. I’m just proud of them,” Woodbridg High structural/carpentry teacher Fred Brock said. “I’ve really seen the kids grow from this. They’re doing something for the community and they like that.” Brock, who oversaw the project along with state teacher of the year Rita Hovermale, said the students got to see the project together for the first time last Thursday night. They were also scheduled to walk people through Safety Town during last weekend’s Spring Festival. On Friday, the students taught pre-K, kindergarten and first grade students from the Early Childhood Education Center in Bridgeville and second graders from the elementary school about motor vehicle safety (not riding in the front seat of the car and school bus safety); bicycle safety (wearing a helmet correctly, riding on the same side as traffic, and wearing the proper equipment); and pedestrian safety (face traffic when walking, walk on sidewalks or on grass far away from the street if there is no sidewalk, and wear reflective clothes). The students guided their young counterparts around the town, walking on sidewalks and using the crosswalks, while some of the kids rode around the streets on miniature vehicles. The kids learned the traffic rules to help show them why pedestrian safety is important. The program was funded by the Delaware Safe Kids Coalition funded program. The Office of Highway safety provided a trailer to help haul Safety Town to the school. Phillips Signs helped with the signs on the buildings, while DelDOT provided the miniature traffic signs.