Laurel Events
Thursday, May 8, 2003
Doing the Town Together
Sarah Marie Trivits

Several years ago when I was a small girl (and it has been several) in kindergarten, our teacher Mrs. Maxwell taught us a poem which I think is apropos for this coming weekend. I believe I remember it well enough to quote here as follows:

Hundreds of dew drops to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
But only one mother, the wide world over.

Carolyn Calio and daughter, Lisa Alvarez, spent a few days last week visiting Dominic Calio’s family and new son, Chase, in Virginia Beach, Va. Dominic has recently been awarded the title of “Co-manager of the Year” for the Wal-Mart stores in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach areas for last year. He has now been promoted to manager of the Virginia Beach store.

Members of the class of 1952 will have a reunion dinner on Sunday, May 18, at RJ Riverside restaurant. This follows the alumni banquet which will be held the night previous, May 17, and hopefully a number of those attending this annual affair will be present for the reunion dinner.

Mary Bryant and her mother, Margaret Coladonato, spent the Easter vacation with Mary’s son, Wade Nixom in Michigan. Wade resides in close proximity to Canada, so the ladies enjoyed travel into that part of the country, shopping, photo shooting, water shows and Margaret got a really big thrill from the glass elevators, transporting them to exciting new heights, and viewing the countryside.

The Laurel class of 1954 dined at RJs on Wednesday, April 30. For their caloric delights there was dessert by hostess, Sandra Williams at her home in Bethel. Of special interest is the fact that classmate, Gale Cole, who traveled in from Montana, joined them for the occasion and will remain in this area through May 19 or 20, in order to attend the annual alumni banquet. If memory serves me right she has not missed one of these dinners. If I’m wrong, Gale, see me at the banquet and correct my mistake.

Speaking of mistakes, I was told that when I make an error in spelling a name, the readers call me. Shows you’re paying attention, so keep reading and keep calling — perhaps I’ll make a few mistakes on purpose after this!

Our prayers and concerns for those who are ill: Emma Wootten, David English, Kelly Griffith, Ruth Nock, Penny Spicer, Darleen Hickman, Hattie Puckham, Richard Cordrey and Frances Bailey.

Special happy birthday wishes from mom and dad, Elizabeth and Kevin Hill to daughter, Katie, on her second big day, May 8.

From the family to Virginia English, “Have a happy birthday on May 10.”

Another of the same wish to Scot Lynch on May 7, from all the family.

Now the remainder of birthday wishes for the coming week: Lucy King, Mary Wootten and Donald Davis, on May 9; Edith Joseph, May 10; Nina Bennett, Mary Lou Guyot and Rose Hackley, May 11; Peggy Eskridge, May 12; June Callaway, Lonny Conaway and Clifford Reaser, May 13; Ruth Ann Hoover, Iva Rogers and Alma Vickers, May 14.

“To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it.”

See you in the Stars.

LHS Class of 1968
The Laurel High School class of 1968 is planning a class reunion Saturday, May 24, at RJ Riverside in Laurel. If any classmate did not receive a letter, contact Carol Downes Riggin at 628-0290 or Martha Windsor Whaley at 875-5772.