Laurel Events
Thursday, May 15, 2003
LHS Class of 1968
The Laurel High School class of 1968 is planning a class reunion Saturday, May 24, at RJ Riverside in Laurel. If any classmate did not receive a letter, contact Carol Downes Riggin at 628-0290 or Martha Windsor Whaley at 875-5772.

Book signing Sunday at Laurel Library on Sunday
The life of local businessman Johnny Janosik is the subject of a new autobiography, “Back to the Basics — The Johnny Janosik Story,” on sale locally. On Sunday, May 18, Janosik will be on hand at the Laurel Public Library from 2 to 5 p.m. to sign copies of the new book, which is authored by Janosik and local writer Tony Windaor. The book is published by Fruit Bearers Publishers and currently on sale at the Laurel Public Library and the office of Morning Star Publications Inc., Stein Highway, Seaford. At the request of the Janosik family, proceeds from the sale of “Back to the Basics — The Johnny Janosik Story” will go to charities of the Delaware Community Foundation. Johnny and Mary Louise Janosik have established the “Janosik Family Charitable Foundation,” which is administered by the Delaware Community Foundation and which places a major focus on education.

Seniors learn about fishing
On Wednesday, May 7, fish were biting at Laurel Senior Center. Kim Littleton from A&K Enterprise visited the Laurel Senior Center to show the participants exactly what they need to capture the best catch of the day. Littleton came prepared with rod and reel in hand, along with worms and a map of local ponds.

Participants traded stories of “the one that got away.”
Next month, participants of Laurel Senior Center will test these new tips during a fishing trip and outing to Laurel Mill Pond. For more information, call 875-2301.
Doing the Town Together
Sarah Marie Trivits

As I walked into an alumni banquet committee meeting last week, someone said, as I opened the door, “Be careful what you say, it may wind up in the paper!” I then assured them that all things discussed would be off the record and not in my column. (Not this week anyway!)

Blair Hall is home for the summer, taking a respite from his studies at Lancaster Bible College. He is spending his leisure and working days with mom and dad, Millie and Jay.

Roy and Mary Anne Fasold spent a few days last week in Pottstown, Pa., where they attended the wedding of Roy’s great niece. En route to Delaware they stayed for a night upstate with Helen and Frank Hickam. Mrs. Hickam is the former Helen Progar from Laurel.

Irene and Lee Hastings, having returned from an AARP tour of Cape Cod, report a wonderful time in that interesting area of New England. Sightseeing, of course, had top priority, and especially the tours of the mansions of the rich and famous. I’m certain that scads of oysters and lobster were consumed, also. Irene also reports that unbelievable good weather cooperated for them.

The Laurel New Century Club held its last meeting of the season on Tuesday, May 5. Following a delicious hot buffet lunch at RJ Riverside restaurant, a business meeting was held and guest speaker introduced.

Sylvia Bradley, historian, presented the group with an insight into genealogy and the searching out of family history. The information she imparted was not only interesting but most informative as to the sources to which one can refer in researching the family tree. This, of course, includes the ever popular and now much used Internet. The meeting was adjourned with a reminder to the members that the group will not convene again until October.

We wish a happy 36th belated anniversary to Donald and Joanne Mitchell. The date, May 5, slipped past, but it’s never too late to wish them 36 more great ones!

Tom and Mona Wright were guests at the wedding of Michael Blaine and Sara Kramer on Saturday, May 10, in Secretary, Md. Following the ceremony, a reception was held on the paddle boat from Suicide Bridge. Flowers for the wedding were prepared and arranged by the Laurel School FFA class under the direction of their teacher, Karen Parrott. Mr. and Mrs. Blaine are both teachers in the Laurel School District.

We have very special birthday wishes to Allen Russell on May 22.

The local Ruritan Club will have a chicken barbeque on May 24, at O’Neal’s Antiques, Rt. 13, from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. And just remember, as that yummy chicken makes its way to your tummy, the proceeds from your donation will make their way to the Laurel Historical Society for the restoration of the Studley house. Tickets may be obtained ahead from Ruritan members or call Tom Wright at 875-2503.

Happy, happy birthday to a young man, Kyle Marshall Mitchell, who is going to be a big 9 years old on May 27.

We express our deepest sympathy to Terry Wright and family in the loss of her father Sheridan Wayne Prue Sr.; and also to the family and friends of William Frank Messick.

Our prayers and concerns go out to those who are ill: Emma Wootten, David English, Kelly Griffith, Ruth Nock, Penny Spicer, Darleen Hickman, Hattie Puckham, Richard Cordrey and Frances Bailey.

We wish very happy birthdays to Margaret Hudson and Ann Spicer, May 16; Elizabeth Carter and Nora Gordy, May 18; Mary Elliott, May 19; Faustina Gattis and Betty Lloyd, May 20; and Margaret Baker on May 21.

Rather than ending my column this week on a thoughtful note I’d like to express my thoughts on the most absurd commercial I think I’ve ever seen on TV. Have you viewed the one where the man cleans practically the entire house with just one paper towel while his wife and family watch a football game? ‘Nuff said?