Greenwood Events
Thursday, May 23, 2002

‘S.O.S.’ Rally May 27
“S.O.S.,” Save Our Schools Rally will be held on May 27, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m., at Filmore Clifton Stadium in Bridgeville. Various activities for all ages are planned to raise awareness of the June 1 referendum. Representatives from our athletic teams, band, and other school groups will be on hand to show the community what will be lost if the referendum is not passed. An information booth will be available for voter questions. The event is free and all community members are encouraged to attend.

School launches a dream
By Mike McClure
The Space Raiders launched from Woodbridge Elementary on Friday, May 17, as part of the Launching a Dream project. Space shuttle astronauts, crews and support teams from Wood bridge and from the Montessori School in Wilmington took part in the 10th annual aerospace education program. The Woodbridge students were sent off by the school’s band before loading into the bus/space shuttle for their mission to Killen’s Pond, where they retrieved a water sample, and the Dover Air Force Base. The student’s lunches were provided by Wawa. The school’s astronauts were Emily Passwaters, Brittany Brown, Eric Willey, Shannon Desmond, Jennifer Masten, Jenna Moran, Brittany Joseph, Emily Williamson, Samantha George, Jerrell Allen and Connie Haymond. Their teacher/ advisor was Shannon Cathcart.

Greenwood man is running for state Senate
Matthew A. Opaliski of Greenwood has announced his candidacy for State Senate in District 19. He issued the following statement: “Having closely followed county and state politics for some time, both as a hobbyist and as an activist, I feel that the current political climate of the state not only demands that I act but also yields an ideal opportunity for me to further explore Delaware Government. In doing so I plan to serve as State Senator for District 19. “If elected I plan to focus on bringing the process of law making and state government closer to the people of Delaware by encouraging citizens to participate and take an active role in issues that affect them. “One of the ways that I plan to do this will be to hold regular meetings throughout the district that will be open to the public. “I want to know what issues are on the minds of the people in the Bridgeville, Greenwood, Ellendale, Milton and Georgetown areas, sadly this small effort just doesn’t happen under the district’s current representation. “I would like to establish a meaningful dialogue between constituents and the office of state senate for District 19, not only to keep the public well informed of legislative happenings but also to create an avenue by which those whom the office is intended to serve may voice their concerns, thoughts and ideas with the knowledge that they are indeed welcome and will be given serious consideration. “Communication and active involvement are by all means the most effective ways to keep in touch, not only among the people of this state but among those who are elected to serve them as well. “There must be a two-way communication; otherwise the basic principles of having elected representatives are compromised. “As such, if elected I would encourage people to contact me by any means available.”