John A. Moore Jr. and Athena Award winners are named

Norman Poole was named the recipient of the John A. Moore Jr. Community Service Award and Sally Stewart was named the Athena Award winner last Thursday during the Greater Seaford Chamber of Commerce Spring Membership Dinner Meeting at the Seaford Golf & Country Club. The evening was filled with emotion for the award winners and also for the children of the late John A. Moore Jr. Ronnie Moore, son of the John A. Moore Jr., said that this year’s presentation held special meaning, because this is the first year that his mother in not with them for the presentation. Mrs. John A. Moore Jr. (Helen Moore) passed away 90 days prior to last Thursday night’s presentation, Ronnie said, adding that he would like her memory to live on as part of the award ceremony. Another emotional moment came when Sally Stewart was presented the Athena Award. Visibly moved by the show of support, Stewart lightened the mood by mentioning that this was the first year she didn’t know the winner of the award, even though her business, Stewart’s Awards & Imprints of High Street, Seaford, produces the awards. Norman Poole, a man noted for his community involvement and sense of humor, said he would continue to serve where needed as long as he had the strength. Following is the talk given by Ronnie Moore: “The John A. Moore Jr. Community Service Award was established in 1987. Our family has the special privilege of presenting this award each year to an individual who has performed outstanding volunteer service to the Seaford area community. “Tonight’s winner is one of the quiet people who does not seek the limelight. This person is committed to helping other people and believes community service is a way of life. “Some of you will know this person from your school years. For 24 years, this person taught math in the Seaford School District while also coaching a Middle School basketball team. “Tonight’s recipient has performed outstanding volunteer community service over an extended period of time. “This person has been deeply involved in a local church as president of the Senior Choir, vice president of the Usher Board, and treasurer for the Men’s and Women’s Day. “After retiring from the classroom, this person has continued to work with school athletes by doing the clock for the high school football and basketball teams. In addition, this person became a part-time bus driver for the School District, the bus contractors, Delaware Tech and the Adult Plus program at the college. “Tonight’s winner is president of the Delaware State Education Association for Retired Teachers, president of Better Homes of Seaford, volunteers for the HOSTS Program at Central Elementary School, participates in Reading Across America, is a member of the Boys & Girls Club of Western Sussex, Senior Citizens Club, volunteered his time for the 2002 Chicken Festival Committee, is a nine-year member of the Seaford Kiwanis Club, serves on the board of the School of Arts and Sciences, is on the executive board of DSEA, is on the board of the Friends of the Seaford District Library. He was also the recipient of a special presentation in 1999 for his volunteer work in the Seaford School District. “He has said many times, ‘If I can help somebody in my life as I travel along the way, then my living will not be in vain.’ “He credits God and his wife, Rose, for the many blessings he has received that enable him to volunteer and help others every day. He has a daughter, Yolanda Perkins, and a grandson, Jordan. “It is an honor to present this year’s recipient of the John A. Moore Jr. Community Service Award, Norman Poole.”

The Athena Award Linda Juskiewicz of the Seaford Business & Professional Women’s Club presented the Athena Award. Following is her speech: “The Athena Award was created for the Lansing, Michigan Chamber of Commerce in 1982 and has expanded to more than 350 U.S. cities and beyond. It is presented in the form of a hand-poured bronze sculpture symbolizing the strength, courage, enlightenment and wisdom of the recipient. “The award celebrates the potential of women as valued leaders of the community and recognizes those who support them. “The award is co-sponsored annually by Seaford Burton and the Greater Seaford Chamber of Commerce. In 1988 the Chamber of Commerce requested the assistance of the Seaford BPW in selecting a recipient for the Athena Award. “The Athena Award celebrates the wisdom, courage, strength and enlightenment which are characteristic of the recipient. The potential of all women as valued members and leaders of the community is celebrated with this award. “Tonight’s recipient is a Seaford native who enjoys telling some “when I was young” stories to anyone who will listen. She is a shrewd businesswoman who assumed control of a family-owned business in the 1990s when her father became ill. At the time she assumed control, the business was basically a hobby. Since that time the business has grown tremendously through her hard work and foresight. “She has three employees at her business and encourages them to try new things. They are able to earn paid vacation time off and work in an atmosphere that fosters teamwork. When I spoke with one of her employees to get some background, I asked how she exhibits creativity (we have a form to fill out). The answer I got back was “she breathes.” “In addition to growing her business, tonight’s recipient has been very active in the life of the Seaford community. She is a member of the Greater Seaford Chamber of Commerce, a member of St. John’s United Methodist Church, she was president of the Seaford Downtown Association, and is currently president of the Seaford Main Street Association. She is also a single mother of two teenage daughters — which alone is a full-time job. “I’m told that tonight’s recipient has a glass that is always half full, and will always look for something positive in any situation. “It gives me great pleasure to present tonight’s Athena Award recipient — Sally Stewart.” Chamber President Russell Knorr served as master of ceremonies for the evening. Musical selections were presented by Rachel Jester, a Seaford High School senior. The awards are presented annually at the Greater Seaford Chamber of Commerce Spring Membership Meeting.

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