CARRYING THE TORCH - Seaford Police officers John Wingate, with torch, and Chris Miller run a leg of the Law Enforcement Torch Run on U.S. 13 in Seaford on June 9. Members of the Seaford Police carried the torch about seven miles from Burton's to Gene's along the highway, taking it from the Laurel Police Department and handing it off to the Bridgeville Police Department. Seven officers took part in the fund raiser for Special Olympics. The torch was carried from Delmar to New Castle County where it was used to light the flame to start the Special Olympics Games this past weekend. See more photos on pages 10 and 31.

Photo by Ronald MacArthur

Bus contractors want more from legislators

HISTORIC DAY - A family with strong local ties turns out to pay tribute to a man who championed a famous local highway. Page 4

BRUCE JENNER - An Olympic gold medalist, who is a highly-sought after motivational speaker, caps off the first Fit Fest at Delaware Tech College. Page 9

FOUR RETIREES - Four educators with long terms in the Seaford School District are retiring this year. Page 16

DEVOTED FAN - You won't believe how many games this devoted uncle videotaped of his nephew playing sports. Page 20

CHICKEN FESTIVAL - It's almost time for the annual Delmarva Chicken Festival. The event takes place in Millsboro. Page 39

DAY IN THE PARK - Seaford's Day in the Park on June 26 in the Seaford Sports Complex will feature some well-known local sports celebrities. Page 43

TOP TEACHERS - The Seaford School District announces its teachers of the year winners. Page 51

LAUREL'S JULY 4TH - Laurel is getting prepared for the crowds this Independence Day. Page 56

ALUMNI AWARDS - The Seaford Alumni Association awards three scholarships during its annual spring banquet. Page 57

TOUGH QUESTIONS - Where is all the traffic going and where is everyone coming from? Page 58