Delmar Events
Thursday, June 20, 2002
Bi-Staters’ Coffee Talk
Sharon Cordrey

Robin Fisher spent last week at a convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her daughter, Rogjenea, and Robin’s sister, Terri Lynn Fisher, accompanied them on the trip. Even though Robin was there for business, they still found time to sightsee and enjoy their special time together.

Allen and Kitty Larason enjoyed a weekend with their son, David and his family in Elkton, Md., celebrating Father’s Day.

Our get well wishes to Pauline Jones as she recovers at the Health South, Chesapeake Rehab Center in Salisbury.

Congratulation to the Municipal Government Week Contest Winners. They were all students of the Delmar Elementary School. The winners received winner’s certificates from the mayors and municipal government of Delmar. Photo contest, first place - Roxanne Barger, 11, Delmar; second place, Scott Wroten, 10, Laurel. Poster contest, first place, Alexis Hurley, 10, Delmar; second place, Roxanne Barger, 11, Delmar. The municipal town officials would like to commend all of the following children for their creativity, efforts, and hard work on their projects. All of the entries expressed pride in the town of Delmar. Participants in the photo contest were Katie Whitelock, 10, Mariah Russell, 11, Kristin Parsons, 11, DeNeen Trader, 10, Ashlie Walter, 10. Participants in the poster contest were: Ashlie Walter, 10, Scott Wroten, 10, and Josh Simmons, 10.
“Thomas Edison” will be at the Delmar Library on Wednesday, June 26 from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Everyone is welcome to attend and listen as Mr. Edison talks about his life and inventions. He comes to the library from the Delaware Humanities Forum. Come on out to the Delmar Library Thursday, June 27, at 6:30 p.m. to hear Jim Hossick’s music as he entertains the young as well as the not-so-young.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, Sept. 21 - there is a Bus Trip to the Sight & Sound Theater in Strasburg, Pa., to see a new production of “Daniel.” The price is $91, which includes a sight-seeing tour of Amish Country, a short trip to the outlet stores, dinner and the show. Please reserve by Aug. 1 (first come-first-served). Call Alvin Palmer at 302-846-3728.

We wish Elizabeth German a very happy birthday. She celebrated her 96th birthday on Monday June 17.

We send our birthday wishes to the following people: June 16 - Lisa Newberry; June 17 - Alison Lankford; June 19 - Wayne Baker; June 20 - Randy Wheeler; June 21 - Kathleen Campbell.