BEDCO gets $1.2 million at dedication ceremony

By Bryant L. Richardson

BEDCO Chairman Massey declares Nanticoke River Marine Park officially open

“This morning’s ceremony is a hallmark in the history of western Sussex County. We have not seen a change this historic for a long, long time. You are here to witness the Grand Opening of the Nanticoke River Marine Park.” So began the comments of Bob Massey, chairman of the Blades Economic Development Corporation (BEDCO).

“BEDCO owes distinction and gratitude to Senator Robert Venables and Representative Tina Fallon for obtaining funding for this project from the State of Delaware. They brought recognition to our county and Blades by standing strong and fighting for the money to fund this project,” Massey said. Massey’s appreciation for their efforts would increase even more moments later when Sen. Venables presented him a with a check for $1.2 million. The check from the State of Delaware was made out to BEDCO and will finish paying for the $5.5 million marina project. The latest funding came from the state’s Dept. of Economic Development Office. See pages 20-24 for more

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