Mike McGroerty paddles down the Nanticoke River on Monday afternoon on his way home from work. He is the coordinator of the canoe and kayak races during the Nanticoke Riverfest, taking place in the downtown Seaford area on July 9 and 10. See a schedule on page 10.

Photo by Ronald MacArthur

Event helps to celebrate nature of the Nanticoke

CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAY - Laurel is getting ready to celebrate the nation's birthday. See a special supplement with all of the details.

HAND IN HAND - There is much more than football when players, cheerleaders and band members take part in the annual Blue-Gold All Star experience. Page 2

ON A MISSION - A Seaford resident is trying to help those in need with a mission project to the Congo. Page 4

RUNNING FOR OFFICE - Rep. Ben Ewing of Bridgeville is making a run for another term in the state legislature. Page 5

PHIL IS THE PILL - Dr. Phil serves as inspiration for a woman to make a dramatic change in her lifestyle. Page 8

GREAT OUTDOORS - A donation will help some local children help enjoy a camping experience. Page 12

MAKING A DIFFERENCE - Volunteers make a big difference at one local state park. Page 18

STARS ARE OUT - The young Little League All Stars are taking center stage in the District III tournaments this week. Sports section