The Nanticoke Float-In is the event that started it all. This year's Float-In will start at 2:15 p.m. on Saturday, July 10.

Photo by Ronald MacArthur

Riverfest starts with entertainment Friday

FOURTH ON THE FIFTH - Thousands turn out on the hot July 5 to celebrate the nationís birthday in Laurel. Photos on pages 34, 35

TIGHT BUDGET - The City of Seaford is not the only governmental group with a tight fiscal budget. See how much your school taxes are going up. Page 4

CRIME WATCH - One local community is getting fed up with vandalism and petty crimes. They are ready to take some action. Page 4

ON THE TRAIL - The best bicycle trail in the state (located at Trap Pond State Park) may not be enough for everybody. Page 8

RULE PROBLEMS - When rules change the way a game is played, is it time to change the rules? Page 23

SUPER VOLUNTEERS - Several Methodist Manor House residents attain high honors for their volunteer service. Page 27

HOT RUNNERS - Runners take to the street in Laurel on Saturday to start the Laurel Independence Day Celebration. Page 26