Thursday, July 10, 2003
Horse that tested positive for rabies had competed at Harrington in June Ď03
A Maryland horse, which recently competed in the East Coast Barrel Bash in Harrington, has tested positive for rabies. The horse, named Coupe de Harmony, competed at the East Coast Barrel Bash in Harrington, on June 19-21. Public health and veterinary officials feel that because of the specific situation the risk to human health is minimal; however, as a precaution they are advising any person who may personally have come in contact with the infected horse to contact their county health department or personal physician. In addition, anyone with a horse that may have come in contact with the infected horse at the event is asked to contact his/her veterinarian to make sure that the animalís rabies vaccination is up-to-date. Rabies is transmitted through a bite of a rabid animal. There is a small possibility of indirect transmission through the saliva of a known rabid animal to the eye, nose, mouth or open cut of a person or mammal. The risk of indirect transmission is low. Rabies is a fatal disease but easily preventable with current vaccination. Preventative treatment for rabies is effective in humans but must be started as soon as possible after exposure. Rabies is present in all Delaware counties. Horses, livestock, and all pets, including dogs, cats and ferrets, should be kept up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations. Wildlife, including raccoons, skunks, and bats as well as stray dogs, cats, and ferrets should not be approached, handled or fed. For further information about the current rabies case, contact Dr. H. Wesley Towers at (302)698-4500. General information about rabies is available at