Greenwood Events
Thursday, July 11, 2002

Greenwood CHEER dinner

Greenwood CHEER Center will be hosting a spaghetti dinner, Friday, July 12, from 5 to 7 p.m. There will be lots of food and fun with entertainment provided by Donnie Hopkins. Tickets are $5 and are available at the Greenwood CHEER Center, Rt. 13 northbound, south of Rt. 16, or call Shelly Strain, 349-5237 for information and tickets

Greenwood may install cameras in town park
By Mike McClure

The Greenwood Town Council discussed the possibility of installing surveillance cameras in a town park (located next to the Greenwood Library on Mill Street) in a meeting on Tuesday, July 2. The park, which was designed for younger children, has been vandalized over the years by older kids. The town recently removed picnic tables from under the park’s pavilion after they were vandalized. They were the second set of tables that were destroyed in the park. The council is considering a plan to install surveillance cameras in the park to deter future vandalism. The town has other, more durable tables that it could put in the park, but first the council wants to make sure that the tables and other equipment can be kept safe. “What good’s a park when you’re not allowed to use it?” asked councilman Randy Willey. If the town gets the surveillance cameras, it would also need to run electricity to the pavilion to help light the area. The package would include at least one monitor and a recorder, which would be located in police chief Otas Cephas’ office or in town hall. The town has received bids, which would include one or two monitors and up to two real time recorders. It would cost between $3,883 and $4,999 to run a line from the park to the town hall/police station for the monitor. The town of Greenwood has received a $12,000 grant to fix up the park. The park was dedicated in the memory of the late Brenda Jones, the former town manager. County Councilman Finley “Butch” Jones has also raised $6,000 and will have the final say in what is put in the park. “You have an $18,000 park; how much do you want to spend to protect it?” asked councilman Carl Peters during the council’s discussion over whether or not to purchase and install the cameras. The two companies that placed bids on the proposed project will be asked to appear at the next council meeting to answer questions.

Another developer sets sights on Bridgeville
By Mike McClure

The Bridgeville Commission discussed two requests for water and sewer services by developers during its meeting on Monday, July 8, and approved a resolution to apply for a grant to study the town’s water and wastewater facility. Nearly a month after the town held a press conference to unveil a developer’s plans for a golf course and housing complex near the town, another developer came before the commission asking for sewer and water services for a planned housing and business complex in the Bridgeville area. According to the preliminary site plan, which was designed by Land Tech L.L.C. of Ocean View, the proposed development and retail center would be located between US 13 and US 13A. The development (Bridgeville Gateway Center) would consist of 22,000 square feet of retail space and 96 residential units. The plan includes four pad sites with 5,500-square-foot retail buildings and 40 parking spaces for each building. The developer anticipates renting the facilities to fast food establishments and banks. There is also a planned service road that would go through the development/retail center and would tie into US 13 and intersect Sussex 545. Attorney Robert Witsil, Bill Clark of Land Tech, and developer Joel Farr of FED Investment came before the commission to ask for a guaranteed allocation of the necessary EDUs (for sewage services) the development would need. The land is in the county but is not in town limits, so the commission does not have a say in whether or not the development is built. According to commission president Joe Conaway, the original plan did not include housing units. Farr said his partner, Butch Emmert, was in favor of putting housing in ever since the company bought the property two years ago. He did not know how many of the units would be rentals and how many would be condos. Conaway said the commission could not guarantee sewer and water services to the developer until the proposed annexation of other land near the town goes through in the fall (Sept. 25-Oct. 1). He also said the town can’t annex the land owned by FED right now because it is not contiguous. The developer does not want to take the plan before the county council before the issue of how much water and sewer services would cost is resolved. The commission voted to allow the town’s engineers to look at the cost of the project without any commitment from the town. The commission also approved a temporary hookup to the town’s force main by a new Wawa store, to be located on the west side of US 13. The project engineer requested a permanent well and a connection to the force main, but the town allowed a temporary connection contingent on future connection to the town’s water and wastewater systems.