Delmar Events
Thursday, August 21, 2003
Bi-Staters Coffee Talk
Sharon Cordrey

Enjoy a night of gospel singing by Connie and Allen Reustle along with the Rementer Family Trio at the Bethel Camp Friday night, Aug. 22, at 7 p.m. Directions to the church: Go east on Line Road to the blinking light, cross straight over and go about 2 miles to the church.

Bill and Sandy Davis and their grandson, Jeffrey Melvin, enjoyed a cruise from Crisfield to Portsmouth, Va. They took the ferry over to Norfolk, toured the waterfront and saw the U.S.S. Cole that was in port that day. Jeffrey enjoyed the Children’s Museum of Virginia.

Donna and Ken Causey, Bill and Becky Brittingham, Barry and Diane Harrington, Jim and Carol Elliott, Joanne Rush, and Clyde Adkins have just returned from a 11-day Alaskan cruise. They spent seven days on the ship and four days on land. They also panned for gold.

Our prayers and get-well wishes to Kevin Morris and Jack Morris Jr., patients at Peninsula Regional Medical Center. We send sympathy and prayers to the family and friends of William Frank Winder.

We send happy birthday wishes to: Esther Foskey, Aug. 17; Shelly Wilson and Walter J. Stephens, Aug. 18; Jeffrey Sparrow, Aug. 19; Betty Chandler and Douglas Lankford, Aug. 21; Adam Panichella and Diana Tyrrell Golt, Aug. 22; Katherine Dukes, Lauren Ruark and Jesse Scovell, Aug. 23; Peggy Moore, Bobbi Koster, Shelly Dykes and Kelly Haday, Aug. 24.