Delmar Events
Thursday, August 22, 2002
Bi-Staters’ Coffee Talk
Sharon Cordrey

Peggy and Donald Morris and Charlotte and Norris Melvin had a wonderful time this past week, visiting Williamsburg and Busch Gardens. Even though it was hot, they still had fun.

Get-well wishes and a speedy recovery to Louise Warrington after having back surgery last Thursday, Aug. 15.

Get-well wishes also go to Calvin Keller, who has been transferred to LifeCare at Lofland Park in Seaford to recuperate from his surgery.

Irma Wootten Aydellote was home from Farmington, Mich., recently to attend her class reunion. She met her classmates at Bonanza for dinner. While she was here she enjoyed visiting with her family and friends.

Family and friends of Pete LeCates wish him a very happy 86th birthday on Aug. 27.

We send our sympathy to the family and friends of Olive Smith, who passed away this past week.

We send our condolences to Jimmy Whaley on the death of his mother, Mary Whaley.

Congratulation to Chelsea Best on winning the grand prize at the final meeting of the summer reading program at the Delmar Public Library. Chelsea read over 146 books to win the title. All member of the reading club were presented with a book of their choice and treated to an ice cream sundae social on Thursday, Aug. 15. More than 100 people attended.
Congratulations to Tom and Loretta Guyton Adkins who were married Saturday, Aug. 17, at St. Stephen’s Church. It was a beautiful wedding with several friends from Delmar attending.

Congratulations to Pam Schell for having an outstanding summer reading program at the Delmar Public Library.

Mike and I enjoyed going to my 35th class reunion of North Dorchester High School at the home of Bill Windsor in Hurlock. Even though I didn’t graduate from North Dorchester, I did attend school there in the 10th grade. It had been 38 years since I had seen my girlfriend, Alice Wheatley, better known as “Dixie.” We just picked up conversation like we saw each other yesterday. It was just a lot of fun seeing classmates that I hadn’t seen for so many years.

Laurel Senior Center is looking for volunteers to help teach senior citizens the basic skills of the computer and the Internet, with emphasis on email. Anyone that has computers to donate, please call Elly Shackle at (302) 856-5815.

We send birthday wishes to: Walter J. Stephenson on Aug. 18; Jeffrey Sparrow, Aug. 19; Douglas Lankford, Betty Chandler and Caitlin Nichols, Aug. 21; Adam Panichella and Diana Dyrrell Golt, Aug. 22; Katherine Dukes, Jesse Scovell and Lauren Ruark, Aug. 23; Peggy Moore, Bobbi Jean Koster, Shelly Dykes, Regena Midgette, Lisa Aydelotte Conley and Kevin Banks, on Aug. 24.

Thought for the week: “We must always have old memories and young hopes.” — Arsene Houssaye