Bridgeville Events
Thursday, August 23, 2001

Bridgeville spared serious consequences of storms

Joe Conaway, president of the Bridgeville Commissioners, said a stretch of road at Frog Hollow on North Cannon Street suffered damage to its underpinning, but that was the only flood-related problem in the town this past weekend. He said the town has sought help with the problem at Frog Hollow, but in the past only patch jobs have been done. He is hopeful for a more permanent solution. Damage to the roadway temporarily closed the street, but it has reopened. The only other storm-related problem concerned the town's sewer plant, which had to treat hundreds of thousands of additional gallons of water. Conaway said a lot of water gets into the Greenwood system, which is treated at the Bridgeville plant. About 230,000 gallons of storm water entered the plant, he said. A pump station on US 13 at Wawa's had to be shut down temporarily, but the businesses in that area cooperated with the town and everything is now back to normal.