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Thursday, August 30, 2001
Armchair travelers rewarded

By Brian Cordrey

Parents and friends recently welcomed several children home at the end of their summer-long journey around the world. The children learned about the customs, music and dress of people in Australia, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Egypt and Turkey. All without actually stepping a foot out of Delmar. The children picked these countries to study at the beginning of their Summer Reading Program at the Delmar Public Library with the help of Pamela Schell, Delmar"s Children"s librarian. The travelers were given "passports" that recorded each country they visited and the books they read as they visited each country. Along the way they met "Conga Chick" (drums around the world), went on an African Safari Program with "Sangay Miller Nigerian Storyteller," visited the Middle East via a caravan, enjoyed "Michael Richmond"s Boudewyns Program" (storyteller), went for a ride on "The Orient Express," visited Australia "To the Outback Story & Craft," then went on to Europe and South America with "Spanish Accents," special music, puppets, story and crafts programs. All arrived back home on Aug. 16, and presented their passports to receive a welcome-back dinner party, full of good food and gifts for each of the travelers. One traveler, Ronnie Hastings III, received a prize shirt showing flags from around the world as a reward for reading more than 400 books about various countries.

Children got to select books about their favorite countries at the end of the dinner. Parents and businesses in the community donated the dinner and prizes. Schell says about 217 children (nonreaders to fifth graders and up) registered for the program with about 167 participating and 70 actually making the complete trip around the world (and enjoying the party). Only 100 children participated in last year's summer reading program. Schell thanks all the parents who supported the program and especially Joan Adkins, who gave extra special time and help.

Delmar Public Library
Miss Pam will be taking a short, well-deserved break. The Delmar Public Library regular children"s programs will not be held on tonight, Aug. 30. The regular children's schedule will be resumed on Wednesday, Sept. 5.