Above, Seaford City Manager Dolores Slatcher makes a presentation to Mayor Dan Short during the city hall ceremony on Sunday. Below, Seaford artist Woody Woodruff puts the finishing touch on the mural in the council chambers. More photos on pages 12 and 44.

Photos by Ronald MacArthur

Seaford officials open doors to new city hall

NANTICOKE PROJECT - Seaford officials are looking for funds to complete a project to protect a section of the Nanticoke River shoreline. Page 4

HALL OF FAME - A local firefighter is rewarded after years of dedicated service being named to the Hall of Fame. Page 5

UNIFORM POLICY - Guess how many Woodbridge students out of more than 1,400 didnít come to school on the first day following the new uniform dress code? Page 13

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - The Moving Wall project is coming to Seaford and many volunteers are needed. Page 14.

NEW CEO - The new CEO of Nanticoke Health Services says it was destiny that paved the way to Seaford and Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. Page 15

TIME TO SIGN UP - Itís time to sign up for the new Seaford Community Concert series. Four concerts are on the schedule for the new year. Page 21

SPORTS PREVIEWS - Local high schools are gearing up for the start of the fall sports schedule. Many sports get under way on Sept. 10. Page 24

MISSING ANGLER - Remember the missing fisherman? You wonít believe where he showed up and why he left his gear along the riverbank. Page 31