Perfect weather conditions helped attract a record crowd for the seventh annual Woodland Ferry Festival. While no official count was taken, during the course of the 6-hour festival thousands of people visited the riverside community. A “train,” shuttled kids to the attractions. More photos on page 26. Photos by Michael Sullivan
In this fairy tale, Seaford already has glass slipper
Helping your child - A little bit of time spent with your children now will save many hours of frustration in the future. Page 12
DuPont news - Those gathered for DuPont’s 25-Year Club dinner got some good news about the projected job numbers. Page 25
Perdue plant - The proposed Perdue nutrient pelletizing plant between Laurel and Blades is causing some concerns. Page 15
Whitt’s 28th - Carolyn Whitt this fall starts her 28th year as a music teacher, 19 of them at Woodbridge since her return there in 1981. Page 8
Jane Drace - Jane Drace of Seaford is selected for honors for her work in serving the community. Page 27
Concerts - The Seaford Community Concerts Association is signing up members for its 1999-2000 season. For performers see page 18.