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Thursday, September 26, 2002

Woodbridge opens career & technical classroom additions

By Phil Livingston

The Woodbridge High School in Bridgeville officially opened the school’s new Career and Technical Department additions last Thursday evening at ribbon cutting ceremonies under the direction of the Woodbridge Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kevin Carson and the High School Principal John Hassman. The new Raider Office Business Management classroom under the guidance of Mrs. Gail Deshields will teach business skills to graduating students preparing them for the “real world” of running an office. This classroom was made possible by a grant from the MBNA Bank in Wilmington and from the Delaware Tech Prep budget for helping advanced business students develop skills actually used in the business environment. The classroom contains computers, file cabinets, office desk and chairs, fax machines and Internet access. The new 6,000-square-foot Construction Technology Building under the guidance of teacher Fred Brock was officially opened by the cutting of a 2x4. The funds for this new facility were made available through a district referendum and state funds.

Students will be able to learn the basic and advanced methods of residential and commercial construction including site preparation and surveying, footing and foundations, raising a wall, roofing, basic plumbing and electrical techniques. There is about a 200-square-foot area of no concrete flooring in the new building to allow students to dig and lay out footing forms during inclement and cold weather. Mr. Brock is preparing his students for employment in the growing construction field upon graduation. Woodbridge High School has six programs specifically designed to prepare their students to enter the employment field or go on to higher education upon graduation. These are Business Management, Accounting and Accountant Technician, Construction, Agricultural Science program, Early Childhood Education and a Medical Technology program. Students can also prepare for a military career by being enrolled in the schools Marine Corps Junior ROTC program under the guidance of Colonel Langdon Loren, USMC-Ret. and Gunner MIke Janiscewski, USMC-Ret. There are only two Marine Corps JROTC programs in high schools in the state of Delaware. The rest are Army, Navy or the Air Force. Woodbridge currently has 55 students enrolled in this ROTC unit. For additional information concerning the Woodbridge School District contact Mrs. Rita Hovermale at 337-8289 during school hours.