Construction workers, sub-contracting for CMSI, guide down the top of the new cupola atop the new Seaford City Hall in downtown Seaford on Friday morning. See story on page 10.

Photo by Ronald MacArthur

Bridgeville Clean-Up Day rescheduled - The Commissioners of Bridgeville have scheduled a “Town Clean Up Day” for Saturday, Oct. 4, starting at 6 a.m. The garbage truck will go down each street in town to pick up items only one time. To insure pick up, place items out the night before. No freezers, refrigerators, air conditions, tires, construction material, rocks, bricks, batteries, oil or dirt will be picked up.

House Tour Day - Thursday, Oct. 2, is the date of the St. John’s House Tour. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit some great looking homes and have a fantastic lunch.

Nutter Park - It’s rare that three Seaford mayors gather to honor one person. On Saturday, they did. Page 3

DUI measure - Some people want to know why Delaware will not lower the legal blood-alcohol limit for driving under the influence. Page 12

Touchdown strike - Danny Hamilton fired a touchdown pass to Matt Morris to help lead Seaford to a 13-7 win over Woodbridge. Page 22

Overtime - The Seaford field hockey team moved to 5-2 with a 4-3 win over William Penn in overtime. Page 22

Upset win - The Woodbridge soccer team continued to show improvement with a 2-0 upset win over Seaford last week. Page 24

Third time a charm - The 17th Annual Nanticoke Health Services Golf Tournament was held last week after two other attempts were halted due to the weather. Page 27

Nursing shortage - Hospitals are doing a more efficient job and it’s a good thing considering there’s a nursing shortage. Page 30

Downtown Seaford - A re-enactment of a typical Saturday night in downtown Seaford in the early 1900s will be staged Monday. Page 31

Attempted murder - Two attempted murders and a bank robbery are some of the items in this week’s Police Journal. Page 40.