Local artist Vernon Garwood

from Newton Woods, near Bridgeville, sets up his easel in a field across from T. S. Smith and Sons Packing House. This weekend's Apple-Scrapple Festival will feature orchard tours, a craft show and a farmer's market. Photo by Bill McCauley
Gold Star Restaurants - Pages 30, 31
Home fix-up - Tips on beautifying and preparing your home for the cooler season are found in the Home Improvement section in this edition.
Demolition issue - Seaford and a local property owner have reached an impasse regarding the demolition of a property on High Street. Page 2
Obstacle course - Motorists traveling through downtown Seaford have been met with an obstacle course over the past few weeks. Page 4
Western Sussex study - Seaford may want a role in a sewer feasibility study, but is not interested in joining a coalition. Page 5