Delmar Events
Thursday, October 9, 2003
Delmar to address vandalism in park
By Sandy Davis

The monthly meeting of the Delmar Joint Council was held at the town hall on Monday, Sept. 29. The police commission report stated that the police department was without power for about 27 hours during the hurricane. They were able to get a generator but requested one of their own for future use. There was discussion about separating the police from the public works department. One suggestion was to build a new public works building. It was also suggested that the police build on a piece of ground that has been donated to them. Research will be done on both suggestions. The town has received several calls and a local citizen confirmed that there has been much vandalism near Gordy Park late at night. This brought up the issue of coverage from the police department. According to one of the town officials, there is to be 24-hour coverage. The police representative responded that there were not enough officers at this time to provide the coverage. He also stated there was a hiring freeze at this time which would not allow them to replace two officers they have lost. At this time there are nine officers including the chief. The town manager will be meeting with the police chief to try to resolve this problem. Another concern was the lighted basketball court near Gordy Park, which is causing disturbance to the people living in that area. It was decided to disconnect the light temporarily to see if the problems stop. The fire department answered about 34 calls during the hurricane. Most were for fallen trees. The department will have a casino night on Oct. 11. Public works experienced some damage to the water treatment plant during the hurricane. It was operated manually for a time but is up and running now. Trash pick-up was postponed and they have worked very hard to remove all the debris from trees. Some trees have been pruned so they are not interfering with the power lines. On Wednesday, Sept. 24, the town received an award for 2003 Water Fluoridation Quality. It was presented form the Centers for Disease Control. There was concern about the conflict with Halloween night and a home football game. For the safety of the children who will be out that night, it was suggested to change the date of “trick-or-treating” in town or have more police coverage of the area near the high school. One official asked if DelDOT could place cones or barriers at the crossover near WaWa, while road construction is going on in that area. Also it was requested to look into lowering the speed limit from the light at Delaware 54 to Salisbury south during the road work to Leonard’s Mill Pond Bridge. It was reported that St. Stephens Church held a service for all the town officials that was very much appreciated by those who attended. The president of the Delmar Chamber of Commerce, John Johnson, gave a list of up-coming events. The chamber will hold its Citizen of the Year banquet Nov. 6, at the VFW in Delmar. The Christmas parade and Carnival of Lights will be Nov. 29. The chamber will be selling 50-50 raffle tickets to raise money for these programs as well as future projects. There will be 200 tickets sold at $10 each with three winners of $500, $300, and $200. The winning ticket will be drawn at the Carnival of Lights. An appreciation party for the volunteers who helped with the Delmarva Day in the Park is being planned for a later date. It was announced that Gloria Adkins, an employee at the town hall, is recuperating at home.
Delmar Chamber 50-50
The Delmar Chamber of Commerce will be selling 50-50 tickets to help raise money for community events. The first winner will receive $500, the second will receive $300, and the third will receive $200, a total of $1,000 will be given away. Tickets can be purchased at the Delmar Town Hall, the Cookie Bouquet in Delmar or from any Chamber member. Call the Chamber voice mail at 846-3336 for more information.

Delmar Casino Night
The Delmar Fire Department will be holding a Casino Night on Saturday, Oct. 11, at the Delmar Fire House. They will have oyster sandwiches, cold cuts and cold beer and a 50-50 drawing with a guarantee of at least $50. The price is $7 per person. Must be 21 years of age.