Bridgeville gearing up for annexation election

By Mike McClure

Town will nearly triple in size if issue passes

On October 19, the residents of Bridgeville will vote on a proposed annexation that would nearly triple the size of the town. Included in the over 900 acres to be annexed into the town (if residents vote in favor of it) is a 769 acre golf course and development with residential, commercial, and recreational components. The town of Bridgeville currently consists of 510 acres. In addition to the 769 acre project, the proposed annexation includes properties owned by Helen, Earl, Coulter, Beth, and Charlotte Passwaters, Thurman Adams (55.16 acres), Clarence Mast (5.88 acres), and Virgil and Emily Cannon (18 acres). Those property owners requested to be included in the annexation. The annexation will also establish the zoning for the RPC (Residential Planned Community) district in which the golf course project will be located on the former Passwaters farm property. The town government would welcome the additional growth because the increased tax base will help generate more money for sidewalk improvements, additional police manpower, upgrades to the wastewater treatment facility, and other projects. According to Bonnie Walls, who was hired as the town’s director of development in August, residents and property owners will see a yearly increase for sewer services without additional revenues. “It’s really a unique situation where the town has visions for growth,” said Robert Rauch, president of Robert Rauch and Associates, Inc. of Easton, which is doing the golf project planning for Allen and Rocks, Inc. “The sequence of this is more that the town was looking for growth.” Earlier this year the developer sent a letter and questionnaire to property owners to get feedback about the project. According to Rauch, a majority of the 157 residents who responded showed overwhelming support” of the project. Rauch also said that the residents wrote on the questionnaires that they would like to see more shopping opportunities and housing alternatives and a more stable tax base to help stabilize utility rates. “This type of project is going to do that,” Rauch said. “This is going to be a work in progress for many years to come.” Town residents will have a chance to see the plans for the project for themselves during a meeting on October 17 at the Bridgeville Fire Company. There will also be an exhibit at the Apple-Scrapple Festival this weekend. The annexation vote is set for Saturday, October 19 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at town hall.

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