Photo by Michael Sullivan

From left are Smoky Bowden, George Carroll, Cecil Tull, Bob Grunow, George Skinner, Brooks Parker, Bob Hough, Dave Banks, and Hildon Guy standing in front of a vintage 1954 Farmall tractor during a dinner party hosted by Cecil Tull to honor Mr. Skinner, who celebrated his 91st birthday this past July. Skinner is a retired (since 1969) sales representative for the International Harvester Company in the Delmarva region. He was the guest of honor at the dinner party, which was a gathering of International dealers and men who had worked with Mr. Skinner. He was presented with a plaque to commemorate the occasion.
Neill welcomed as a champion - Mike Neill was given a warm welcome home Sunday. Neill was a key factor in the winning of an Olympic Gold Medal by the U.S. baseball team. See page 3 and Mac's World, page 19.

FLOODING - Residents of a Seaford neighborhood say that their area is also prone to flooding during a heavy rain. Page 9

DOWN UNDER - Mike Neill wasn't the only Seaford native at the Olympics. Page 10

SURVEY - The Sussex Conference at Delaware Tech will include an audience survey. Page 11

HEALTH PROBLEM - Delawareans are warned about a health threat. Page 13

HIJACKED BUS - A group of tourists from the AARP are hijacked and taken to jail. Page 14