VETERANS’ DAY UPCOMING - Richard “Dick” Drummond stands beside the “40 et 8” railroad car in front of the American Legion Log Cabin in Seaford. Drummond actually rode in one of the cars as he crossed North Africa during World War II. See a tribute to veterans on pages 43-46.

Photo by Ronald MacArthur

Residents voice concerns over proposed annexation

NUMBER CRUNCH - The all-important unit count is in and the Seaford School District picks up some units while losing some students. Page 3

BUS CONCERNS - Local bus drivers are up in arm. Some are planning to park their rigs. Page 4

RUNNING BUNCH - Two brothers and a sister are running in memory of their father to raise money for a worthy cause. Page 9

LARGE PROJECT - Even before the first house is built, you won’t believe what the developers of the new Heritage Shores in Bridgeville have on the drawing board. Page 11

LOCAL RACES - Looking closely at the numbers in the local election races you will find some interesting trends. Page 13.

ON THE RIVER - The health of the Nanticoke River depends on the nutrient run-off that we put into it. Part 3 of a series. Page 16

NO SURPRISE - Voters in Sussex County vote for President George Bush. Complete election results pages 30-31

OPEN HOUSE - The doors will open to the Seaford Middle School for a 75th anniversary celebration on Sunday. Page 47

ON A ROLL - Woodbridge continues its winning ways on the football field. Page 50

ANNUAL GIFT GUIDE - The annual holiday season gift guide is included inside this edition.