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Thursday, December 12, 2001

The Greenwood Town Council voted to increase water and trash fees by $5 per quarter during its meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 4. The increase went along with the town’s 2002 budget, which the council also passed during Tuesday’s meeting.
According to town officials, the increase in water fees (from $25 per quarter to $30) is designed to offset the cost of new chemicals needed to treat the water. The council also voted to increase trash fees by $5 per quarter (from $35 to $40 per quarter). The increases went along with the town’s 2002 budget, which the council also passed.
In the budget, the town projects a net surplus of $26,982 with a total income of $794,928 and $767,946 in total expenses. Despite the increase in fees, the town expects a net loss of $30 for trash services. According to the budget, the new water fees would help give the town a net income of $4,294 in the water department.
The police department’s projected income for the new year is $384,260, including $350,000 in police fines. The department’s projected expenses total $383,048, giving it a net income of $1,212.
The town is expecting a net income of $29,488 from the sewer department and a net income of $12,916 from the streets department. The net gains in the sewer, streets, water, and police departments would help offset a projected net loss of $20,898 in administrative costs.

Permit ordinance passes
The council also voted to pass an ordinance for the denial of permits. The ordinance allows the town to deny change of zone, conditional use, building permit, and other permit applications if the applicant has any outstanding municipal charges.
The ordinance had been discussed at previous council meetings, but there was a question over what charges the applicant needed to have paid.
The ordinance the council passed last week states that all outstanding charges (including charges for another property) must be paid or the town can deny a permit application.

Old town hall contract
The town received three bids for repairs to the old town hall building, which it will rent out to a local business. The council voted to award the project to Willink Construction at a cost of $2,595.
The project is not part of the 2002 budget because the town council anticipates the rent to offset the cost of repairs to the building.

Woodbridge Alumni
Woodbridge High School graduates are establishing a Woodbridge High School Alumni Association. Anyone interested should send a note which includes name, address, phone number, year of graduation, and if you would be willing to help. Mail to Dottie (Breeding) Bauguess (Class of 1976) in care of Woodbridge Elementary School, P.O. Box, P.O. Box G, Greenwood, DE 19950.