Delmar Events
Thursday, December 18, 2003
Bi-Staters Coffee Talk
Sharon Cordrey

Laurel Saddle Friends held their Christmas dinner at Nutter Marvel’s Lynch Building in Georgetown, Wednesday, Dec. 10. The delicious dinner everyone enjoyed was catered by Smith’s Restaurant from Georgetown. Mildred West, the last founding member of the club, said the blessing. Several recognitions and awards were presented during the evening. Bill Jackson and Nelson Justice were honored as the 2003 honorary members and each was presented a shirt with the honorary member logo on it. David Hastings received the “Tip of the Hat Award” as the unsung hero. Ed Evans was recognized for his help with the cleanup after Hurricane Isabel, when he offered the use of all his equipment, tractors, etc., which was greatly appreciated. Members of the club who helped with all the game shows during the year were also recognized. Tim, Kim and Timmy Dorey received the 2003 Family Award. Timmy also received the 2003 Youth of the Year trophy. C.J. McConnel was recognized as the announcer of all the game shows and received a shirt. Each of the children present received a drinking glass boot full of bucks and also received an envelope with $5 as a “Forever Gift.” The children have a year to be creative about what they do with their gift and come back to next Christmas dinner and share their story. The money can be given to someone who was kind to them or to help someone’s world be a little better. Congratulations to Luke Justice for guessing how many pennies were in his glass boot. We were happy to have Marguerite Purnell, who is an honorary member, celebrate her 86th birthday with us that night. President Marilyn McConnel received a beautiful floral arrangement.

I want to wish Sara Marie Trivits a very happy birthday on Dec. 23.

Happy birthday to the following people: Bob Schultz, on Dec. 13; Sandie Perry, Chuck Porter, Samantha Liller and Beth Lewis, Dec. 15; Betty Myers and John Thomas Randolph II, Dec. 16; Kaitlin Melvin and Brooks Morris, Dec. 17; Christina Downing, Holly Short Hannigan and Ken Causey, Dec. 18; Kathy Hagar and Troy Wood, Dec. 19; Jimmy King, Beverly Sturgis Lynch, Howard Beach, Thomas S. Nelson and Mike Lowe, Dec. 20.

Thought for the week: “While you’re busy making plans and decorating this year wrapping gifts, baking goodies, and spreading good cheer sharing a holiday feast with family and friends, don’t forget to give thanks to the one who put us here.” Author unknown
Delmar Christmas Dinner
The 22nd annual Ford Brewington Jr. Christmas Day Dinner, Thursday, Dec. 25, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Delmarva Convention Center at the stateline in Delmar. Phone 302-846-3780.