High School service project benefits Blades Elementary

By Desiree Laws Moore

Brenda Treherne is the media specialist for the Seaford High School media center. In an effort to help build up the new media center at Blades Elementary School, she asked the high school students she works with to start a campaign to donate books. Prior to this year, there was no library in the newly renovated elementary school. Although Blades Elementary has received money as a result of the community passing the last referendum, and the district has provided money to purchase books, it still does not have as many books as the other elementary school media centers. According to Debbie Persinger, the media specialist at Blades, there are currently 5,500 books in the media center for students. Some of the other elementary schools in the district with established media centers have as many as 11,000 books. “We were excited that we got some extra money recently and I placed an order for 1,400 more books and that was fantastic,” Persinger said. “We have a nice selection of brand new books and we are very appreciative of what we have. However, it is very difficult to start a brand new library. Our goal is to try to bring the number of books up to what the other elementary schools have.” Students at the high school have currently collected approximately 100 books to donate to Blades’ media center. Also, Treherne organized a magazine sale to get books for the high school library and donated six magazine subscriptions to Blades Elementary media center because they did not have any periodicals. “This was my brainstorm,” said Treherne. “Although Blades Elementary received a lot of money for their media center and will receive more next year, it will take years to build up a collection of books to where the others are. I wanted to see if the students here at the high school wanted to do a service oriented project and donate some books. I thought it would be neat and the response has been good.” Treherne asked the high school students to bring in children’s books that are in great condition and stickers are placed in the books in honor or in memory of a loved one. All high school students are eligible to participate. Teachers have announced the project in classes and an article has appeared in Word from the Bird, the school’s newspaper. “I think it will be great for the elementary children to see that the high school students are thinking about them,” Treherne said. Susan Nancarrow, principal of Blades Elementary is appreciative of the efforts of Treherne and the high school students. “I think that not only is it a wonderful thing for the media center, but it is also terrific that we have students who see there is a need,” Nancarrow said. “There is so much negative press about our young people and this proves that our teens are thoughtful, helpful, and are working together to accomplish a positive goal.” “Anything that can benefit a child learning to read or getting excited about reading is obviously helpful,” continued Nancarrow. “Also, our children will see that the high school students are making an effort to help others and may take the example from them to do something to help others as well.” For more information on the donation of books, Treherne may be reached at 629-4587.

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