Delmar Events
Thursday, December 26, 2002
Bi-Staters’ Coffee Talk
Sharon Cordrey

Congratulations to Matthew Baker, an avid reader at the Delmar Public Library, on having his name drawn and winning a new go-cart in a fund-raiser for the Delmar and Georgetown public libraries. The go-cart was donated by Boulevard Motors.

The Delmar Library is pleased to announce that the library has completed its Strategic Plan (BASE) for the years 2003-2007. The plan has been accepted by the Delaware Division of Libraries, Sussex County Department of Libraries, and the Delmar Library Board of Commissioners. This project showing the mission, standards and goals of the Delmar Library has been a long time endeavor of the director, Sandra Scott, the staff, board commissioners and groups from the community. This guideline will help establish the necessary goals to receive funding and provide the library needs for the Delmar community. BASE is an acronym for the Key components of the process:
“B” - Bench mark of Best Practices
“A” - Action Plans
“S” - Standard of Service Evaluations
“E” - Evaluations
A copy of this BASE plan is available at the Delmar Library for viewing by the general public.

Get well wishes, prayers, and a speedy recover to Lawrence “Karey” Persinger of Seaford after being involved in a serious automobile accident Wednesday, Dec. 18. He is a patient in Peninsula Regional Medical Center.
Delmar’s Wednesday Canasta Club, Kaye Wellendorf, Peggy Hastings, Millicent Bradley and Becky Brittingham, were spotted enjoying their lunch at the Railroad Cafe before beginning their afternoon round of card playing activities.

Peggy and Donald Morris and Peggy and Wayne Moore spent the weekend in Atlantic City where they attended a show to see Wayne Newton. They had a great time.

Our sympathy and prayers go to the families and friends of Dorothy Mae Smith, who passed away on Dec. 15.

We send our sympathy and prayers to the family and friends of Gyoko T. Revel, who passed away on Dec. 13. Family and friends of Kennedy Keenan wish him a very happy 16th birthday on Dec. 27. We wish Charles Truitt a very happy birthday on Dec.30. He will turn 85 this year and is still going strong. We wish the following people a very happy birthday: Dec. 21 - Gary Hoope; Dec. 22 - Austin Robbins; Dec. 24 - Mark Riggin; Dec. 27 - Connie Ruestle, Sue Collins, Shane Wilson and Dave Fluharty; Dec. 30 - Jane Medford; Dec. 31 - Betty Betts

Thought for the week by Horace Mann:
Time is one of the few things we cannot stop. We can stop all the clocks in our home, we can refuse to wear a watch, we can throw out all the calendars; however, time will continue to tick by. Time is precious, yet too often we do not use it to our advantage. Nor do we appreciate it. Time cannot be captured and kept until we need it. It is today, this moment. Yesterday is long gone, and there are no guarantees we will see tomorrow. Today is what we have and how we use it determines our appreciation of time.
T...truthful about how you are using your time.
I...initiative - take it, rather than procrastinate.
M...manage your time, do not waste it.
E...efficient and effective use of your time will allow you to achieve more than you can imagine.