HOME AT LAST - The Woodland Ferry is back home after nearly five months at a shipyard in Baltimore. But the Tina Fallon still has about three weeks worth of preparation and inspection before it can be open to the public. We will be doing our best to have [the ferry] operating for citizens before the end of March, DelDOT said. The ferry was closed on Oct. 1 and then towed to Baltimore for a regular Coast Guard inspection and for maintenance. Such an extensive inspection is required every five years, said DelDOT spokesman Geoff Sundstrom. The inspection involved placing the ferry in a dry dock facility, where the engine, hull, gates, hydraulic system, fuel system, bilge and fire suppression system were all checked, Sundstrom said. He added that the inspection didnt find any serious or unexpected problems. Contractor for the work was the General Ship Repair Corporation. The inspection and maintenance work, including repainting, took through mid-February. The work took longer than expected, slowed down by extreme cold, Sundstrom said. The ferry was towed back to Woodland last week, on Feb. 26. It still has to undergo preparation and testing, a process thats expected to take about two weeks, and a final Coast Guard inspection.

Photo by Doug Miller. Visit his website, tugs-nanticoke.com.

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