Bridgeville election Saturday, March 1. Three Heritage Shores residents vie for seat as town commissioner.

By Mike McClure

Bridgeville Commission candidates Ed Heath, Ruth Skalla, and Steve Kendall are running for the District 2 seat on the Bridgeville Commission in the upcoming election which will take place on Saturday, March 1 from 12-7 p.m. at town hall. All three are Heritage Shores residents looking to bridge the gap between the development's residents and the town. Ed Heath, who has lived in the area for the past 10 months, is running for office "to be involved with the community and have a better handle on how taxes are being spent (especially special taxes at Heritage Shores)." Heath has business experience and is retired from the railroad company. He feels that how the funds for special tax are being used and the report of consensus used to break the election into districts instead of using an at-large system are the key issues of the election. "By doing that (changing to districts) everybody at Heritage Shores is confined to one vote because we're our own district," said Heath. If elected, Heath said he will pursue answers to his questions and will then work with the other commissioners to "see if everything is fair and just for all the residents in Bridgeville." Ruth Skalla is running because she wants to represent her neighbors and friends in the newly created district. She has a masters in public administration and has spent her whole life in government (working with town and school boards). "I've always been able to make things happen. We're one voice. We're a lot of people with a lot of talents and we want to become part of the whole," said Skalla.

Skalla, who has lived here since September 2006, is very involved with the Friends of the Library and its upcoming art auction fundraiser. She believes thoughtful planned growth is a key issue the Commission must address. If elected, Skalla says she will listen to the people of Heritage Shores and will be part of the planning of the future of the town. She believes hearing everybody's voice is an important trait in a commissioner. Steve Kendall has lived in Heritage Shores since June 2006 and is running because his wife and friends asked him to. "I think I have something to offer in terms of dealing with people," said Kendall. Kendall, originally from Severn, Maryland, served as President of the Civic Association at Stone Hundred Homes and has also been president of a youth group and an elementary school renovation in his former town. If elected, Kendall plans to work to unite the town and Heritage Shores by improving communication between the two sides. He currently serves on the town's Citizens Advisory Board. "I think a bond can be formed between us and the town, more so than it is now," Kendall said. "I see a world of potential here. It's a great town." Incumbents Pat Correll and Earl Greason are running unopposed in their respective districts.

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