Annexation vote scheduled April 3

By Lynn R. Parks

A public vote on annexation of 240 acres of farmland into the city of Seaford will be Thursday, April 3. Residents of the city, as well as the owners of the two parcels of land, are eligible to vote. Ray Mears and Sons is seeking the annexation of 193 acres of farmland at the intersection of Bridgeville Highway and Hearns Pond Road. And Morris Properties has requested that 46 acres just south of the Mears property, at the intersection of Bridgeville Highway and Garden Lane, become part of the city. Both properties were among six parcels that were overwhelmingly rejected for annexation in a public vote in September 2006. At that time, the property owners were requesting zoning to permit high-density residential development as well as commercial development. This time, they are asking for zoning for single-family houses and commercial development. Residents of the Hearns Pond area spoke out against the annexation at a public hearing Feb. 12. "They are trying to do the same thing again, but in smaller bites," said Hearns Pond resident Errol Matthews. "I request that the council table this for future study, to address the issues that came forth last year, because they will be back again this year."

"There may be a time that we want to expand our borders, but this is not the time," added Brenda Stover, also of Hearns Pond. "Seaford needs to get back to its roots." But several people spoke at the hearing in favor of the annexation. Former Mayor Guy Longo cautioned that failure to expand its borders will harm the city. "If we don't move ahead with this annexation, the city will realize dire financial consequences in the future," Longo said. "We might as well put a sign up saying that we are not interested in new people and industry in our city. It would be fiscally disastrous."

For your information A vote on the annexation of 240 acres into the city of Seaford will be Thursday, April 3, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Seaford City Hall, High Street. Residents of the city are eligible to vote. For information, call city hall, 629-9173.

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