Lightning strike at emergency center puts the Seaford center backup operations to the test

By Lynn R. Parks

The Seaford Emergency Center got a true test of its capabilities recently. And, said city manager Dolores Slatcher, it passed. For two hours on July 10, the Seaford facility assumed operations of the Sussex Emergency Operations Center after the Georgetown building was struck by lightning. Both centers handle 911 calls; the Seaford center usually handles calls from Seaford only. "This was a good exercise to test our capabilities," Slatcher told the city council Tuesday night. "And all went well." Slatcher said that the incident points to why it is necessary for the county to have multiple emergency centers. "The buildings are protected as much as possible, but nature will sometimes find a way in," she said. When a malfunction occurs, "we can work as support for each other," she added. The Seaford Emergency Center typically handles more than 30,000 calls a year.

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