400 jobs to be cut at Seaford Invista will reduce its workforce by 80%

INVISTA's Seaford manufacturing site announced restructuring plans Tuesday which will involve the relocation of several manufacturing operations to other INVISTA facilities in the U.S. and Canada by mid-2009. When the restructuring is complete, INVISTA's Seaford site will have a focused mission of producing nylon staple fiber for technical applications such as military apparel, conveyer belts used in paper manufacturing, and other specialty products. By mid-2009, total employment at the Seaford site is expected to be about 100, down from approximately 500 INVISTA employees at Seaford today. "Many factors are compelling the Seaford site to reinvent itself," said Gary Knight, Seaford site manager. "We have seen clear shifts in customer demand, changes in the economy, and significant increases in raw material and energy costs. "In addition, the site has a footprint and utilities that are oversized for the site's needs. While transitions are challenging, we must make these tough decisions now to help ensure the viability of Seaford's industrial nylon staple manufacturing operation." "INVISTA's Seaford site and its past and present employees have been a part of an operation with historical significance, have served the fiber and polymer industry with quality and innovation, and have played an important role in the economy," said Dan Stone, president of INVISTA Performance Surfaces & Materials. "The Seaford site should be proud of its contributions and accomplishments for the past seven decades. We will build on this legacy as we transition to a smaller operation in 2009." While restructuring will not begin until the first quarter of next year, INVISTA will soon begin bargaining in good faith with the Seaford Nylon Employees' Council over the effects of the changes. Additionally, INVISTA will work closely with state agencies, the Department of Labor and business councils to ensure that Seaford employees affected by the restructuring in 2009 will have access to available resources.

INVISTA is making the announcement far in advance of the changes to ensure that employees, contractors, and the community have as much time as possible to plan for the future, as well as to allow the site to make the capital investments required to make modifications to the site and ensure that the site will be in full regulatory compliance, the company said. Many carpet mills are moving away from the type of staple carpet fiber manufactured at Seaford toward bulked continuous filament (BCF) carpet fiber. This shift in demand creates an opportunity to capture volume for other INVISTA sites that manufacture BCF, but it represents a loss of staple production volume for Seaford. This loss of volume, when combined with the burden of Seaford's large infrastructure, has created challenges that cannot be overcome without significant action, Knight shared with employees in meetings at the site on Tuesday. In contrast to the situation with staple carpet fiber, INVISTA is optimistic about the Seaford site's ability to be competitive and create long-term value in the industrial nylon staple market. As a result of the restructuring, INVISTA will no longer pursue construction of a natural gas pipeline through the City of Seaford as announced earlier this year. The smaller natural gas line currently serving the site should provide adequate volumes following the restructuring and INVISTA's conversion from coal to natural gas. INVISTA will work closely with customers through the transition in an effort to minimize disruptions. Throughout the transition and beyond, the site will maintain its commitment to safety, compliance and environmental excellence, the company said. "Our sincere thanks and appreciation go to our employees, retirees, contractors, customers, suppliers, government officials, and this community, all of whom have made us proud and helped put Seaford on the map," stated Gary Knight in meetings with employees at the site. "We look forward to working together as we reinvent the Seaford site and position it for the future." INVISTA is one of the world's largest integrated producers of polymers and fibers, primarily for nylon, spandex and polyester applications. INVISTA employs approximately 16,000 employees and has a business presence in over 20 countries.

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