Bridgeville discusses 'dangerous building' with property owner

By Mike McClure

The Bridgeville Commission held a public hearing on a building that was cited as unsafe by the Dangerous Building Committee. Property owner/landlord Joe Burden spoke at Monday's meeting and told the Commission he believed he could bring the building up to code. "I don't think it should be demolished," said Burden, who said he saw other houses in town that are in worse condition. Town Manage Bonnie Walls noted that the town is working on the problem of unsafe buildings one at a time and is trying to make the town look the best it can. Burden had a licensed contractor with him at the meeting and said he is in the process of selling the property, which is located at 603 North Cannon Street. Walls suggested that he meet with the town's code enforcement officer with his plan and a timeframe for completion. Commissioner Mike Collison suggested giving Burden and the prospective home buyer 60 days to present their plan. They would then need to provide a start date and a completion date when the plan is submitted. The Commission will receive a report from the Dangerous Building Committee on property located at 13 Gum Street during its September meeting.

Walls reported that the state has cut its municipal street aid fund for all municipalities. The elimination of funds means that the town will not receive $54,000 in state funding for street repair. The town has sent letters to apartments buildings regarding 911 addresses and is working on letters to be sent to businesses. All properties must have reflective numbers that are the proper size. Bridgeville homeowners have received notification of the requirements from the county. Walls also told the Commission that Brian Phillips has been contacted to give his opinion on how to freshen up and put sealant on a mural by Jack Lewis which is located downtown. Phillips did work on a mural at Woodbridge High School. Bill Remington of Davis, Bowen, and Friedel of Salisbury, the town's engineer, announced the semi retirement of Annie Williams, who has worked for the company for 20 years and has worked with the town. "The service of Davis, Bowen, and Friedel to the town will be continued," said Remington.

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