Car show to benefit daughter of officer

By Cathy Shufelt

The Blades Volunteer Fire Company will host its annual car show on Sunday, Sept. 20. All money earned during the event will be donated to the Aubrey Spicer trust fund in memory of her father, Georgetown Patrolman Chad Spicer, who was killed in the line of duty. The Blades town council also voted to make a donation to the same trust fund in the amount of $250, as well as a $100 donation to the Blades Volunteer Fire Company in memory of William Hammond, former council member and mayor of Blades, who was very active in the fire company for many years. A Certificate of Appreciation was awarded by the council to Fred Henning for his continued support of the Blades community. Henning, a former council member, recently donated the fencing needed to help complete a renovation project on the High Street Cemetery. The fencing would have cost the town approximately $1,800, and Mayor Michael Smith wanted everyone to know that the town "very much appreciates such a donation that helps beautify the cemetery and saves the town money." Henning has also helped by overseeing the installation of a handicapped ramp at town hall, insulation in Hardin Hall, and donating land along the Nanticoke River for the town's river walk that will be completed in the not too distant future. B.J. Hardin reported that the Dave Webb memorial pavilion will be dedicated on October 3, along with other festivities and food at the Blades Marina. Councilman Russell Joseph and Mayor Smith informed council members that DelDOT has told the town that funds are not available to help with the town's storm water drainage project. Smith said the town will investigate other funding sources.

Five candidates for the vacant positions on the Blades Police Department were interviewed by the town's hiring committee recently. Of the five candidates interviewed, three were chosen to complete the process to become officers. Two candidates will attend the state police academy beginning in October with one candidate being held as an alternate in the event one of the top two choices is unable to complete the academy for any reason. It will take approximately six months for candidates to complete all the necessary training and certifications to begin patrol duty in March or April. It will cost Blades $15,000 to $20,000 per candidate prior to them becoming active police officers.

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