Seaford prepares for clean-up

By Tony E. Windsor

Seaford has designated May 9 through 13 as city clean up week. In what has become an annual tradition, the city will pick up unwanted materials at no charge for municipal residents. According to the city, a resident is defined as anyone who receives utility services from the city, including electric, water or sewer.

During the Tuesday, April 26, meeting of Seaford Mayor and Council, Councilwoman Pat Jones reported that the clean up week was on schedule. The week-long process is broken down into sections of the community and starts on Monday, May 9, east of Front Street. The next day the clean-up crews will be picking up items from Front Street to the railroad tracks, including Virginia Commons, Wilmar Village and Hurley Heights. On Wednesday, clean-up will take place from the railroad tracks west to Nylon Boulevard. Thursday clean-up will take place in Martin Farms, Westview and Parsons Village. Finally, on Friday, pickups will be done in Woodside Manor, Belle Ayre and Governor's Grant.

The city is asking that bags be filled to a weight of no more than 50 pounds.

Any heavy items like stoves, furniture or cement pipes will be picked up separately at a later time with special machinery. Any containers used should be disposable because they will not be returned. The city is also asking that all items to be picked up be placed on the curb line no later than 8:30 a.m. the day of the scheduled pickup.

The city urges residents to only place household type of items out for pickup. No household trash, paints or chemicals will be picked up. No refrigerators, air conditioners or other appliances with Freon will be picked up. Also, no debris from any work done by a private contractor will be accepted. That type of debris must be removed by the contractor or property owner. Also, there can be no leaves, twigs or grass clippings left during the clean-up week. These yard clippings will be picked up during the city's normal pick up a week after the end of the spring clean-up project.

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